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About Kaushik Pal

Kaushik Pal (TechAlpine) has 16 years of experience as a technical architect and software consultant in enterprise application and product development. He has interest in new technology and innovation area along with technical writing. His main focuses are on web architecture, web technologies, java/j2ee, Open source, big data and semantic technologies.

Kaushik Pal Posts (16)

  • How to discover stolen data using Hadoop and Big data? - 11 Nov 2015
    We discuss recent data breaches and present an approach that uses Hadoop and data fingerprint matching techniques to discover stolen data.
  • Fast Big Data: Apache Flink vs Apache Spark for Streaming Data - 10 Nov 2015
    Real-time stream processing has been gaining momentum in recent past, and major tools which are enabling it are Apache Spark and Apache Flink. Learn with the help of a case study about Data processing, Data Flow, Data management using these tools.
  • How Big Data is used in Recommendation Systems to change our lives - 30 Oct 2015
    A Recommendation systems have impacted or even redefined our lives in many ways. It works in well-defined, logical phases which are data collection, ratings, and filtering.
  • How Big Data Helps Build Smart Cities - 16 Oct 2015
    Smart cities face serious challenges prior to widespread acceptance, but their integrated use of Big Data, IoT, and other technologies to solve contemporary urban issues should eventually lead to their adoption.
  • How big data can help in home health care? - 07 Oct 2015
    Proper home care services can reduce both the chances and the cost of hospitalization and manage illness. Understand what big data promises for the healthcare sector and what are practical hurdles standing between the current solutions.
  • Analytics for Personal Fitness Devices - 12 Sep 2015
    Analytics in health care is yet an undiscovered territory, but due to IoT devices it is estimated to grow to $53 billion in the next three years. Here we explain the current status of industry, its future potential and key drivers.

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