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About Matt Reaney

Matt Reaney is the Founder and Director at Big Cloud, a talent search firm focusing on all things Big Data and helps innovative organisations across Europe, APAC and the US find the talent they need to grow.

Matt Reaney Posts (20)

  • How Much Will A.I. Surprise Us? - 15 Jun 2016
    Why think about what neural networks (and AI in general) can do that we can already do, when he real question that we should be asking is this: What will A.I. be able to do that we can’t even dream of?
  • Big Data Will Rule Your Home - 18 Mar 2016
    The "connected home" is the next frontier for Big Data, and soon our lives may be significantly impacted by the analytical firepower from the IoT. Would benefits outweigh the risks and how would you then feel if your fridge locks you out because your scales and wearables have sounded the warning signs?
  • The Rise Of The Robot - 03 Mar 2016
    Atlas, the latest robot from Google's Boston Dynamics a pretty resilient chap. He can trudge through uneven snow, be knocked off his feet and get up again. and do work that can take place in any warehouse. We examine what it means for our future.
  • Big Data Is Driving Your Car - 18 Feb 2016
    Never mind driverless cars! Big Data is already hard at work in every aspect of the automotive industry, including safety, design, marketing and more. We look at where Big Data is having an impact on the cars that we are driving.
  • Can Big Data Catch the Bad Guys? - 02 Dec 2015
    Balancing individual liberties with Big Brother surveillance and intelligence-gathering methods means walking a fine line that will require proper balancing for the foreseeable future. Regardless of opinion, Big Data has some role to play in keeping us safe, and the sooner we recognize it the better.
  • The Five Myths of Big Data - 16 Nov 2015
    Here, we are bursting couple of the myths which have been built around the big data. Ranging from does it predicts future, it is only for big businesses and is it a better data?
  • Where Should I Work In Big Data? - 09 Oct 2015
    Unravelling the mystery of where to work as a data scientist, whether to venture into start-up or join a safe course of established vendors has been haunting many aspirants. Find out yourself by answer these five questions!
  • The one language a Data Scientist must master - 01 Sep 2015
    Getting started with the data science, and wondering which language to pick up and technology to explore. But, that is secondary, every business is structured differently and to understand it and build on top of it, is the crux of data science.
  • Big Data Could Revolutionize Healthcare. Will We Let it? - 31 Jan 2015
    The power to access and analyze enormous data sets can improve our ability to anticipate and treat illnesses. The benefits for society are just too great, and they won’t be ignored for long.
  • 8 Trends In Big Data For 2015 - 21 Jan 2015
    2015 trends include Non-Data Scientists, Real Time Big Data, Self Service Big Data, Shared Big Data, Big Data and IoT, Richer Data, More Big Data Geeks, and Creative Recruitment - read why.

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