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  • How I Tripled My Income With Data Science in 18 Months - 21 Oct 2021
    Over a year ago, I lost my job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this this, I taught myself data science and tripled my income.
  • Rewards BlogGold BlogA Data Science Portfolio That Will Land You The Job - 10 Sep 2021
    Landing a data science job is no easy feat, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This article provides aspiring data scientists with advice on building a data science portfolio that stands out.
  • Rewards BlogPlatinum BlogTop 6 Data Science Online Courses in 2021 - 15 Jul 2021
    As an aspiring data scientist, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the abundance of resources available on the Internet. With these 6 online courses, you can develop yourself from a novice to experienced in less than a year, and prepare you with the skills necessary to land a job in data science.
  • Silver BlogHow to Land a Data Analytics Job in 6 Months - 17 Jun 2021
    Go from zero to hero in under six months. Data science has a very high barrier of entry. It is a very competitive field that everybody from different educational backgrounds are looking to get into. Here is useful advice on how to proceed.
  • Rewards BlogGold BlogTop 10 Data Science Projects for Beginners - 11 Jun 2021
    Check out these projects for ideas to strengthen your skills and build a portfolio that stands out.

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