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Ran Bi received MS in Data Science from New York University, where she worked on machine learning, deep learning and big data analytics. She is currently a Data Scientist at AIG.

Ran Bi Posts (29)

  • PredictionIO raised $2.5M for Open Source Machine Learning Server - 17 Jul 2014
    An open source machine learning server, PredictionIO, has raised $2.5M to help build smarter application everywhere. It seems that “smarter” is the new sexy.
  • When Watson Meets Machine Learning - 02 Jul 2014
    Our report on a recent Cognitive Systems meetup co-sponsored by IBM Watson and NYU Center for Data Science, IBM Watson Ecosystem, and machine learning applications, from healthcare to cognitive toys. You will want Fang!
  • Does Deep Learning Have Deep Flaws? - 19 Jun 2014
    A recent study of neural networks found that for every correctly classified image, one can generate an "adversarial", visually indistinguishable image that will be misclassified. This suggests potential deep flaws in all neural networks, including possibly a human brain.
  • NYU Data Science Program – Things to Know Part 2 - 16 Jun 2014
    NYU Data Science program reviewed from inside, including courses on Machine Learning, Big Data, Deep Learning, top professors, great NYC location, and future plans.
  • NYU Data Science Program – Things to Know - 13 Jun 2014
    Inside summary of NYU Data Science program launched last year, what it is, and what makes it special.
  • Vowpal Wabbit: Fast Learning on Big Data - 26 May 2014
    Vowpal Wabbit is a fast out-of-core machine learning system, which can learn from huge, terascale datasets faster than any other current algorithm. We also explain the cute name.
  • Uppd8: An Engine for the Wisdom of Crowds - 15 May 2014
    What people think matters. Uppd8 focuses on crowd sentiment analysis and provides tag-scored data based on different user types. Basic services will be provided for free.
  • Experfy, Big Data Consulting Marketplace from Harvard - 02 May 2014
    Good news for data experts - you have many new options with Experfy, a startup from Harvard Innovation Lab, which is a consulting marketplace where companies hire talent for Big Data, Analytics, and BI projects.
  • Data Mining Medicare Data – What Can We Find? - 24 Apr 2014
    Medicare released detailed reimbursement data for 2012: $77 billion paid to more than 880,000 health care providers, by doctor and procedure.We take an initial look and find large variances and potential indicators of fraud.