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Topics: AI | Data Science | Data Visualization | Deep Learning | Machine Learning | NLP | Python | R | Statistics

About Rick Delgado

All things Big Data, Tech commentator, Enterprise Trends and every once in a while I write for Dell.

Rick Delgado Posts (12)

  • Cognitive Computing: Solving the Big Data Problem? - 12 Jun 2015
    With a shortage of data scientists, what are the alternatives for making sense of Big Data? We examine Cognitive Computing, its strengths, and how it can fit into the current Big Data landscape.
  • Debunking Big Data Myths. Again - 11 Jan 2015
    Myths change with understanding. Misunderstandings on some of the current myths surrounding big data as follows will fade away: big data is made for big business, big data adoption is high and machine learning overcomes human bias.

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