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As Hitachi Vantara CTO of IoT and Analytics, Bill drives Hitachi Vantara’s “co-creation” efforts with select customers to leverage IoT and analytics to power digital business transformations. With his breadth of experience delivering advanced analytics solutions, the “Dean of Big Data” brings a balanced approach regarding data and analytic capabilities that drive business and operational outcomes. See more of his posts on his LinkedIn handle.

William Schmarzo Posts (34)

  • Internet of Things: “Connected” Does Not Equal “Smart” - 18 Apr 2016
    "Connected" and "smart" are not synonyms, and bridging the gap takes a lot of upfront work; but with work invested in identifying, understanding and supporting the key decisions, the more productive the data science will be.
  • Simplifying the Internet of Things Conversation - 11 Apr 2016
    The IoT is one of a number of new sources, along with social media and wearable computing, which can be combined with data science, collectively as the Big Data Killer App for organizations.
  • Data Lake Plumbers: Operationalizing the Data Lake - 18 Feb 2016
    Gain insight into data lakes, their benefits, when they are appropriate, and how to operationalize them. How do they compare to the data warehouse?
  • Favorite 2015 Schmarzo Big Data Blogs - 21 Jan 2016
    A top Big Data influencer lists, outlines, and summarizes his favorite blog posts of 2015. Gain some additional insight into various data science topics with some of these great entries.