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Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Ph.D., is a well-known expert in the field of business analytics, data mining, and data science. He is the founder of KDD - Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Conferences, a co-founder and past Chair (2005-2009) of ACM SIGKDD, (professional association on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining), and President of KDnuggets.

He has extensive experience in successfully applying data mining and business analytics to e-commerce, banking, telecom, biomedical, pharma, and other fields. Gregory worked with companies in US, Europe, and Latin America. Gregory also served as an expert witness in several cases and testified in a federal court.

Here are some recent projects in Business Analytics, Biomedical and Pharma, and expert witness work.

Business Analytics

  • Developed a system for finding likely unlicensed / fraudulent use for a major software vendor Quality measures
  • Developed predictive models for conversion from trial version to purchase
  • Evaluated existing product quality metrics; identified shortcomings and proposed new quality metrics
  • Analyzed usage logs to develop user/persona clustering for a major software vendor; was applied to most products and and helped guide product positioning.
  • Performed a product stability analysis and identified commands, modules, and environment elements that have increased risk of instability
  • Analyzed usage of similar products to determine the effective command "boundary" that separates the products
  • Developed test suites and algorithms for an on-line recommendation systems for a mid-size e-tailer
  • Analyzed call patterns and found cost-savings and recommendations opportunities for a large telco services company.
  • Used data mining for fraud detection in on-line auctions
  • Analyzed user command logs, patterns, and crash hotspots for a leading CAD company.
  • Analyzed web usage logs for a large web publisher to improve visitor conversion.
  • Developed a mini-course on web mining and web log analysis.
  • Developed link analysis and customer grouping algorithm for a telephone company.
  • Participated as an invited expert in Shell workshop on technology impact in 2025.
  • Developed non-payment and attrition models for child support for a state agency.
  • Presented a clinic on Data Mining Methods to a major global bank.
  • Audited data use in ecommerce company and identifying new business opportunities.
  • Developed value-attrition and optimized cross-sell models for a global financial institution.
  • Developed attrition models for credit products for a major US bank.
  • Analyzed e-tail operations and identifying cross-sell opportunities and shopping cart abandonment.
  • Created mortgage default models for a major Latin American bank.
  • Analyzed reserve needs for a major car lease financing company.
  • Analyzed interest rate sensitivity for a major insurance company.
  • Performed retail customer segmentation and Cross-sell modeling for a major European bank.
  • Developed customer attrition models for a GTE Wireless (now part of Verizon)

Expert Witness work

  • Examined a collection of business intelligence related patents and identified companies that potentially infringe on these patents.
  • Served as an expert witness in a case involving search engine advertising
  • Served as an expert witness and testified in a federal court in a case involving identifying potential auction fraud.
  • Served as an expert witness in a case involving real-time data mining and analytics.
  • Served as an expert witness in a case involving patents on data mining and web mining.

Biomedical, Pharma, and Genomic Applications

  • Analyzed memory drug effectiveness and relationship between pharmakinetics and pharmadynamics
  • Analyzed several proteomic (Mass Spec) datasets for biomarkers of a neurological disease; found a number of novel diagnostics.
  • Worked with a large pharmaceutical company to develop a model for predicting drug effectiveness.
  • Analyzed DNA microarrays and found a new gene marker for a type of brain tumor.
  • Developed Data Mining Templates and Case Studies for Microarray Data Mining; obtained results which were comparable or better than previously reported.
  • Analyzed healthcare data for GTE (now part of Verizon)