KDD Cup 2009

KDD Cup 2009, sponsored by Orange, fast scoring on large database to predict customer behaviour.

KDD Cup is the leading Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery competition in the world, organized by ACM SIGKDD - Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, the leading professional organization of data miners.

Here is the KDD Cup Center.

Here are the results for

  • KDD Cup 2006, data mining for medical diagnosis, specifically identifying pulmonary embolisms from three-dimensional computed tomography data.
  • KDD Cup 2005, Internet user search query classification.
  • KDD Cup 2004, features tasks in particle physics and bioinformatics evaluated on a variety of different measures.
  • KDD Cup 2003, focuses on problems motivated by network mining and the analysis of usage logs.
  • KDD Cup 2002, focus: bioinformatics and text mining
  • KDD Cup 2001, focus: bioinformatics and drug discovery. Also KDD Cup 2001 results at SIGKDD.
  • KDD Cup 2000, focus: web mining tasks. Also KDD Cup 2000 results at SIGKDD.
  • KDD Cup 1999, focus: intrusion detection and report
  • KDD Cup 1998, focus: direct marketing, list with best donation value; best report
  • KDD Cup 1997, focus: predicting most likely donors for a charity