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Statistical Analyst with Web 2.0 Focus

Fitzgerald Analytics, a consulting firm focused on strategic analytics, and Bundle Corporation, a fast-growing Web. 2.0 venture focused on developing peer based financial data sets, are jointly seeking a database modeling and statistical analyst

Company: Fitzgerald Analytics and Bundle Corporation
Location: New York, NY
Web: www.bundle.com

Fast-Track Opportunity: Statistical Analyst with Web 2.0 Focus

New-York-City-Based Fitzgerald Analytics, a consulting firm focused on strategic analytics, and Bundle Corporation, a fast-growing Web. 2.0 venture focused on developing peer based financial data sets, are jointly seeking a database modeling and statistical analyst with at least 2 years of financial analysis, academic research, or similar experience. The ideal candidate will have a background in economics, business, and statistics, though quantitative disciplines such as physics, engineering, and computer science are welcome.

As part of our work together, Fitzgerald Analytics and Bundle Corporation are jointly recruiting for this position. Strong performance will lead to a long-term career opportunity at Bundle Corporation, Fitzgerald Analytics, or both.


The statistical analyst will play 3 key roles (listed here in order or priority):

Role: 1. Development of statistical models and methodologies

  • Statistical modeling based on diverse geographic and demographic datasets, including government data, financial services data, and data from other sources
  • Transform sampled data by scaling to known population parameters and geo/demo segments with methods such as iterative proportional fitting
  • Understand the inherent limitations of individual data sets, and develop creative ways to increase accuracy and value of data via model designs
  • Develop predictive models and identify data requirements to create these models
  • Quantify uncertainty of data sources to increase accuracy of metrics
2. Statistical Analysis
  • Generate descriptive, interesting, significant and material findings about consumer behavior
  • Create and test statistical hypotheses (including ideas from self and sourced from other teammates)
  • Work with other teammates to respond to analytic requests, generate analytic proposals, and transform data into insights
3. Design of Data Requirements and Transformation Algorithms
  • Work with database developers to define data requirements, transformation processes, and the algorithms needed to transform source data into the data required for consumption by website users and for analysis by the Bundle team
  • Test and validate transformation hypotheses against known aggregates and prior transformations
  • Continuously improve data transformation methodologies to enhance accuracy and efficiency
  • Jointly develop and maintain key standards for data management and data usage with the Bundle team

Skills and Knowledge Required:

  • Personality characteristics:
    • Ability to learn rapidly, work well in groups, and lead initiatives
    • Honest and ethical
    • Comfortable with ambiguity
    • Clear-thinking and effective despite stressful or unusual situations
    • Have an entrepreneurial mindset and be comfortable with risk
  • Advanced statistical modeling skills
    • Creativity in solving analytic problems via innovative methodologies which use multiple data sources, especially geo-demographic data, government data, and more traditional financial services data sources
    • Design, creation, QA, and documentation of analytic process and deliverables (in SQL, Acess, and Excel)
  • Knowledge of data transformation processes including:
    • Query design and related programming against large data sets to support analysis (for example SAS, SQL)
    • Designing data structures and database schemas to support analytical goals
    • Transforming raw data sets into those schemas
    • Use established best practices to audit and ensure data quality
    • Experience extending MSOffice products with VBA preferred
  • Knowledge of basic personal finance concepts (e.g. budgets, mortgages, credit cards, etc.)
Candidate Experience:
The ideal candidate has familiarity with manipulating large datasets from any or all of the following categories:
  • Financial Experience: Experience or familiarity with financial budgeting, personal finance, and/or mortgage and real estate investment
  • Academic Research: Experience with studies that involve creating formal models from large datasets
    • Economic analysis of behavioral economics, asset/investment allocations, income distributions, spending behavior
    • Experience with publically available US geographic and demographic data
  • Market Research: Experience in retail or advertizing firms with large customer datasets
For more information about this opportunity, contact Lauren Kane at careers@fitzgerald-analytics.com. Please mention "KDNuggets" in your email.

About Bundle Corporation: Getting Smarter About Money. Together.

Bundle is a joint-venture between Citi, Microsoft and Morningstar that provides peer based personal financial management tools and data. Everybody's Money is the most comprehensive collection of free spending and savings data available to consumers today. This role will involve extensive interaction with the underlying data supporting Everybody's Money as well as new datasets that will be incorporated onto the website.

About Fitzgerald Analytics: Architects of Fact-Based Decisions┬™ Fitzgerald Analytics is a boutique consulting firm which specializes in information management and analytics. Headquartered in New York, Fitzgerald Analytics serves Fortune 1000 clients using its landmark Information Landscape Services┬™ and Analytics Pathway┬™ frameworks, which enable analysis that is more robust, more transparent, and more repeatable. We help clients to "make the invisible visible," enabling high-stakes decisions that are more fact-based, more successful, and more profitable.

Fitzgerald Analytics is a strategic advisor to Bundle, supporting Bundle's mission of transforming data into valuable consumer insights. The two firms work closely together to augment and extend Bundle's data-driven innovations.

To learn more about Bundle Corporation, see www.Bundle.com.

For more information about Fitzgerald Analytics, see our website at www.fitzgerald-analytics.com.

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