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Statistical Modeler - 1101079

responsible for creating predictive statistical models using industry and survey data to help create tools/reports for company staff.

The Nielsen Company Company: The Nielsen Company
Location: New York, NY
Web: www.nielsen.com

The Nielsen Company is the largest, global measurement company in the world, with unique measurement technologies, assets, and data that make it one of the most interesting and challenging places for a measurement scientist to work. We have two major businesses, one focused on what consumers watch and the other on what they buy.

This position will be responsible for creating predictive statistical models using industry and survey data to help create tools/reports for company staff. This will include extracting and formatting datasets for analysis, creating an analysis plan that might include on variety of statistical techniques, creating and testing the models, and putting the models and their learning into forms that can be used by company staff.

Candidates will need experience in SAS (or SPSS), and experience extracting data with SQL. They will also need a background in Marketing, sales, or media models. Strong communication and reporting skills to present results and interface with staff a must. A diverse background in statistical modeling techniques is desired as well as practical experience applying models in a business environment. Experience with segmentation, consumer behavior analysis, sales forecasting, response prediction, advertising effectiveness, market mix modeling, and ROI modeling all a plus. Experience with programming in Excel using VBA or end user tool creation also a plus.


  • Access the company databases and extract out the data needed for statistical modeling.
  • Test analysis datasets for eccentricities and data cleaning issues.
  • Reformat analysis datasets to for use in specific modeling project
  • Create a modeling plan that allows for the possible use of a wide variety of statistical techniques.
  • Execute the statistical modeling plan.
  • Test the model results for possible problems when model is used with expanded or future data.
  • Articulate model accuracy and structure to statistical staff.
  • Report on model learnings to non-statistical staff.
  • Create tools that can be used by non-statistical staff so they can make use of the models created.
  • Master's degree (or higher)
  • 3+ years experience in statistical predictive modeling
  • 3+ years experience in marketing or media analytics and modeling
  • Experience in SQL and other programming languages
  • Experience using statistical packages (such as SAS and/or SPSS).
  • Experience with large databases and a variety of data structures
  • Very strong quantitative and analytical skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Close attention to detail
  • Ability to Multi-task

or email to staffing@nielsen.com

About Nielsen
Do you know what consumers buy? What consumers watch? Nielsen Knows!
Nielsen is the world's leading marketing and media information company. We're passionate about measuring and analyzing how people interact with digital and traditional media, and in-store environments-locally and globally. Businesses worldwide use our services to better manage their brands, launch and grow product portfolios, and optimize their media mix.

Nielsen knows...great minds don't think alike!
Diversity is key to our success in providing clients with information they need to succeed. We encourage creativity, fresh thinking and a blend of diverse perspectives. We are constantly striving to improve our clients' understanding of their consumers in everything they do - from buying detergent to buying a car, from going to the movies to surfing the web. The Nielsen Company is a public company and active in more than 100 countries, with headquarters in New York.


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