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create large-scale analytical solutions to client driven business problems, including designing high-performance databases and the corresponding operation and workflow processes

1010data Company: 1010data
Location: New York, NY

Position Summary
An analyst at 1010data creates large-scale analytical solutions to client driven business problems. This includes designing high-performance databases and the corresponding operation and workflow processes. This position will:

  • support clients in the use of the 1010data system
  • map client business issues to many data sets including the clients own
  • will analyze large data sets using the 1010data platform
  • will support sales and marketing as needed
Ultimately the successful analyst will solve analytical problems whose solutions have substantial business impact.

The Company
This is the age of information. Data has evolved into a commodity that can be bought or sold. In 2007, IDC measured the digital universe at 281 exabytes and predicted that it would reach 1800 by this year, expanding at a rate of almost 1.6 times per year. Because of this rapid expansion and the effort required to set up the infrastructure necessary to deliver large quantities of data to users, there has long been a gap between data and the people who need it. 1010data bridges this gap by delivering large-scale, low-risk, high-speed data warehousing and analytics solutions.

Established in 2000 by several pioneers of large-scale financial data systems, 1010data drew on its founders' Wall Street experience and harnessed new and emerging technologies to create the foundations for today's multi-faceted, infinitely scalable database system. 1010data's technology is designed to handle multi-terabyte databases efficiently and reliably, and allow users to perform analyses that are difficult or impossible to do otherwise.

For a decade, 1010data has provided analytics, business intelligence, and data warehousing services to leading companies from finance, retail, and other sectors. Our clients understand that the system's scalability ensures end-user performance is not compromised and data never outgrows the technology.

1010data is a young but well-established company that offers the excitement and growth opportunity of start-up without the risk. Careers here offer camaraderie, challenging problems, fast development cycles, and the chance to interact with and produce products for some of the largest, most innovative corporations in the world.


Education & Experience

  • BS/MS in a highly analytical discipline (Computer Science/Physics/Mathematics ) or equivalent
  • database experience (understanding of Database structures and query languages such as SQL)
  • solid understanding of concepts in statistics
  • understanding of parallel and distributed systems
  • experience with a list/vector-based language is a plus (e.g. Lisp, Scheme, K, or APL)
  • strong background in vector/matrix arithmetic is a plus
Commercial Awareness
  • experience working on customer-facing application
  • knowledge of data warehouse applications is a plus
Work Ethic
  • cooperative and creative
  • ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently while creating a maintainable codebase that can evolve as technology changes
  • capable of working independently towards goals
  • strong personal work-ethic
  • passion for excellence
  • positive, balanced, "roll-up your sleeves" attitude
  • able to communicate clearly
  • have strong, positive interpersonal skills
  • ability to articulate his/her ideas; consider options presented by others; and reach an informed, balanced technical opinion
  • create clear, concise memos, summaries, design documentation, and presentations
  • ability to review technical documentation provided by others and provide constructive comments

Mary Mcloughlin mary.mcloughlin@1010data.com

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