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Big Data Analytics Professionals

The Strategic Technology Office at Wipro Limited is looking for Data Scientists, Stream Data Mining, and Semantic Web Gurus for solving Big Emerging Economy Challenges.

Wipro Limited Company: Wipro Limited
Location: Bangalore, India
Web: www.wipro.in

Big Data Analytics Professionals for solving Big Emerging Economy Challenges

The Strategic Technology Office at Wipro Limited is looking for Data Scientists & Stream Data Mining, Semantic Web Gurus to join at our Bangalore HQ. We are a multi-disciplinary team of technical architects, infrastructure engineers, software developers & customer evangelists - all striving for a single goal: make Big Data more meaningful to customers.

As part of this team, you will have the opportunity to dive head-first into solving critical & large-scale problems of customers in multiple industries in the developing world - Governance, Telecommunications, Banking, Physical Security, Social Media, Energy and Online Commerce. We build & deploy systems that are used by millions of end-users, generate terabytes of data and perform analyses that inform global business strategy and critical decision-making.


We're looking for:
1. An academic background in CS, Engineering, Math or Statistics.
2. Application of one or more of the following to real-world problems: Statistical Methods, Machine Learning, Data Mining techniques (i.e. classification, clustering, association mining, forecasting),
3. Experience in either a major statistical / data mining package OR a coding guru in a major scripting or object-oriented language.
4. Familiarity with the Hadoop technology stack & Semantic Web technologies.
5. Proven creativity and problem-solving skills.

Experience with text data, video analytics, sensor networks, search engines, natural language processing and/or social media analytics is a plus.

At Wipro, we solve technology problems that are Large Scale, Challenging. And to do that, we need everybody in the team to think like a leader. According to Aon Hewitt, which has ranked us one of the Top Global Companies for Leaders in 2011, Wipro "provides exceptional exposure and challenge key to development of talent".

As part of Wipro's Strategic Technology Office, you will have the opportunity to get the training, exposure and challenge of creating technology solutions that will be used by millions of end-users to solve real-world problems in emerging-market countries.

You will have access to the best, relevant training across the globe, an opportunity to work at technology's bleeding edge and regular interactions with members of a multi-disciplinary team and with external stakeholders for competency building & growth.

Whether your interest is more responsive organizations or better governance by governments or influencing daily decisions of millions of users, here is where you get to do it all.

For the right talent, we certainly don't skimp on pay. So if you're interested, get in touch!

Interested candidates are requested mail their complete CV and a cover letter to Akbar Ladak, akbar.ladak@wipro.com.

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