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Director of Technology (Title Negotiable)

ORBmedia is a new digital, data fueled journalism organization, combining classic journalistic reporting and new technical capabilities to generate and deliver a daily multi-media story to a diverse global audience. Application deadline: Sep 9.

ORBmedia Company: ORBmedia
Location: Washington, D.C.
Web: www.orbmedia.org

About Us
As a new digital, data fueled journalism organization ORBmedia combines classic journalistic reporting and new technical capabilities to generate and deliver a daily multi-media story to a diverse global audience. ORBmedia covers transnational topics, holding governments, corporations and international structures accountable for their actions on behalf of the global public. Differentiating us from existing journalism organizations, ORBmedia's allegiance is to humanity - not to any one national, ethnic, religious, cultural or ideological community. ORBmedia believes in each individual's equality, right to dignity and justice. ORBmedia simultaneously recognizes that the world's socio-economic "middle billion" have the power to determine our collective future through their individual and daily choices.

ORBmedia taps into the massive amounts of data regarding our global human and natural systems, engaging new and emerging technical abilities in "big data" extraction, storage, archiving, analytics as well as content management and delivery. The organization will analyze that data to suggest stories and provide direction for reporting while making the data and data visualizations available to consumers with the finished story. Uniquely, we will also tap our global community for volunteers to provide real-time data from their personal knowledge and experience.

By combining these elements ORBmedia represents the next generation of journalism as a global public service, describing global shifts and trends in these dynamic systems that define the human experience on the planet.

Please send resume, cover letter and two references to Sarabeth Rees at sarabethr@orbmedia.org.

Position Overview
To lead the organization's efforts, ORBmedia is seeking an innovative, creative and leading edge Director of Technology. The Executive Director and founder, Molly Bingham, has conceived of the organization and is assembling a core team to build it.

As Director of Technology, you will be responsible for establishing ORBmedia's overall technological direction. This includes developing the organization's technical vision and leading all aspects of technology development. We are looking to build a flexible, extensible, and adaptable data architecture as a key driver to continued innovation. Your portfolio includes experience with and expertise in information extraction, information assurance, document retrieval, data warehousing, data analytics and a variety of web technologies. As Director of Technology you will work closely with the Executive Director and a growing team to identify and solve today's data problems in order to meet ORBmedia's goals. You will lead the strategic thinking, roadmap development and execution for ORBmedia's data, journalism and content delivery architecture. You will be working 'hands-on' - actively coding - to realize your visions and designs for the organization while leading the technical recruiting process. Accordingly, proven execution records to tight deadlines and high quality output, using project management tools and methods, are required. Effective communication and collaboration skills are essential, as you will serve as the technology face of the organization. We seek a person who is agile, capable, communicative, proven... and who wants to make technology work to serve a global audience.

Some of your Technical Skills

  • Information Extraction: You are comfortable extracting data from a variety of organizations and data sources, and in a variety of formats (.pdf, .xls, .doc, etc.)
  • Database Technologies: SQL, Data Warehousing, NoSQL
  • Document Retrieval: Lucene (Apache) or similar scalable, high performance indexing products
  • Web Technologies: Javascript, PHP, jQuery, Ajax and others
  • Machine Learning/Data Mining
  • Software Development Methodologies: You have experience with each phase of the SDLC
  • Hardware Knowledge: From data centers to mobile devices
  • Hands-on Experience: You are capable of and will to willing to do hands-on work, write code, and - in the short term - develop and build a prototype while making the case for the support of a small team and the resources to do so
  • Scalable Systems: You can conceive, design and implement scalable technology systems
  • Information Assurance: Knowledgeable regarding securing data at rest and in transit and of issues related to export controls
Some of your Non-Technical Skills
  • You are organized, proactive and assertive
  • You are comfortable articulating and presenting ORBmedia's technology vision and strategy to potential investors and ORBmedia's Executive Board
  • You can serve as the technology 'face' of the organization
  • A proven problem-solver with strong analytical skills, you tackle problems before they become problems
  • You have proven experience managing and working within a constrained budget
  • You are effective, efficient, and fueled by self-driven energy and ambition
  • You can capably manage complex problems, projects and details
  • You have a track record of building strong teams and successfully managing small and large groups of people; your leadership inspires your team to want to do a good job for you
  • You are able and willing to play multiple roles and take on operational work in the initial stage
  • You are willing to make a strong case for a position or direction you want to explore, even if it is unpopular or means risking failure
  • You have significant experience communicating technical issues to non-technical people, and answering questions in a way non-technical people can understand
  • Global experience, working with a culturally diverse team, a working knowledge of several languages and international contacts are all viewed as a plus
Your Educational Background
Ideally, you have an undergraduate degree in computer science with an advanced degree in computer science and/or business administration.

Competitive salary and benefits package (guaranteed by the founder).

Position currently based in Washington DC. Open to discussion of remote work.

Please send resume, cover letter and two references to Sarabeth Rees at sarabethr@orbmedia.org.

Applications must be received no later that 11:59PM ET on September 9, 2012.

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