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Data Mining Research Engineer - Big Data/HPC

Develop and implement algorithms, design test cases for distributed and parallel predictive analytics; Improve scalability and performance; Stay up-to-date with research and industry.

Bosch Company: Bosch
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Web: www.BoschResearch.com

Degree Level: Ph.D. or M.S. with at least 3 years of relevant work experience
Major(s): Computer Science, Statistics, Computer Engineering, or related field

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement algorithms for distributed and parallel predictive analytics
  • Stay up-to-date with research and innovative third-party products addressing storage and analysis of large datasets from real-world problems
  • Develop distributed/parallel solutions for predictive analytics and visualization of structured and unstructured data sets
  • Design test cases to evaluate run-time and predictive performance of parallel/distributed algorithms
  • Improve scalability and performance of existing storage and analytics solutions
Required Knowledge and Skills
  • Practical experience in developing algorithms and applications using MapReduce, MPI, or similar frameworks
  • Experience parallelizing algorithms in MPI, MapReduce, OpenMP, or similar parallel environment
  • Proven expertise in distributed file systems and working knowledge of NoSQL or other distributed database systems
  • Demonstrated experience with relational database systems and familiarity with SQL
  • Proven expertise in applying descriptive and inferential statistics to Big Data
  • Competence in theory and application of standard machine learning or data mining algorithms
  • Proficiency in Linux operating system internals, storage concepts, and networking topologies and protocols
  • Ability to identify performance bottlenecks relating to network, I/O, OS, DBMS configuration
  • Experience with two or more of the following:
    Java, C++ (STL), Python, Perl, MATLAB, R, SPSS, SAS
  • Propensity to work with stakeholders from a variety of business units and educational backgrounds
  • Willingness to travel occasionally
Desired Knowledge and Skills
  • HBase, Hive, Pig, Cassandra, or similar technologies
  • Mahout
Required Application Materials:
  • Cover letter
  • Resume/CV
  • Two references or two letters of recommendation
  • A recent publication and/or a statement of past experiences
  • Downloadable code sample
Email: 98902-CS-5678@boschresearch.hrmdirect.com

About Us:
Established in 1999 with offices in Palo Alto, CA, Pittsburgh, PA and Cambridge, MA, Bosch Research and Technology Center North America focuses on innovative research and development in the areas of data mining, autonomous driving, robotics, human-machine-interaction, software engineering, sensors, wireless communication technologies, MEMS, building technologies, and new energy storage technologies.

Our team researches data mining and large-scale machine learning algorithms for high-performance distributed and parallel computing environments. Our focus is on uncovering new domain knowledge and providing data-driven predictive analytics in order to create high-impact business value for Bosch.

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