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Data Scientist

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Love analyzing and visualizing data to solve important problems; wants to improve and teach others, and is fun to be around and work with. Apply by Dec 2.

Datascope Analytics Company: Datascope Analytics
Location: Chicago, IL
Web: www.datascopeanalytics.com

We are looking for an additional colleague that
1. loves analyzing and visualizing data to solve important problems;
2. already excels at (1) and wants to improve and teach others how to be a premier data scientist
3. is fun to be around and work with.

That pretty much sums it up, but here are some details to round out each of these points and some more specific information about how and when to contact us.

You love to solve important problems and see results.
We design solutions across industries, which requires our team to quickly acquire domain expertise in a variety of specialties. We are learners who are eager to design new tools when a solution is not available and quickly master new techniques when the opportunity presents itself. We are all self-motivated and stimulated by our start-up "doer" culture; colleagues don't let other colleagues "pass the buck." Here is a little more detail on how we approach problems.

You care about design.
We aim to grow the best applied data science team in the world, and believe our primary challenge is to build our team's ability to effectively communicate complex data-oriented ideas to the appropriate audience. Most often, this involves designing intuitive visualizations. Our ideal colleague has experience and interest in designing interfaces and visuals that are simple, powerful, and beautiful.

You write code and love it.
We try to not be handcuffed by tools, but data scientists need to be able to write code. More importantly, you must demonstrate your enthusiasm and ability to improve. GitHub activity, StackOverflow chops, development experience, and Quora involvement are all perks. The following list is always changing, but here are some of our favorite tools:

  • Python, deserves a line of its own
  • Analysis: Hadoop, SciPy, R, Celery, Googling skillz
  • Graphics: Inkscape, GIMP, Processing
  • Javascript: RaphaĆ«l, d3, Ember, Backbone, jQuery
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, HBase
  • Web: Django, HTML5, CSS, SVG, SCSS
  • Unix command line: sort, uniq, grep, awk, cowsay, sed, cut, find, xargs, etc.
You thrive at a whiteboard as part of a creative team.
A typical day at Datascope Analytics involves spending time as a team in front of the whiteboard brainstorming proposals or solutions for our clients, pair-programming and designing dashboards, and conversing with clients. We don't have space for back-room nerdery, in part because we do not have a back room. We're also always down to try new lunch spots in the Loop (and beyond) and we don't take ourselves too seriously.

You have a life.
We value colleagues that have interests and expertise beyond the typical "marketable skill set." We wholeheartedly embrace colleagues that have recently taken up crocheting, become avid cyclists, love playing and listening to funk, are world-class bridge players, enjoy cooking in all its glory, or tinker with robotics and home automation. We believe it is important to enjoy what you do while we are in the office, but that it is just as important to have something that you look forward to doing when you leave!

Sound like a good match for you?
Send a message to work@datascopeanalytics.com by no later than Sunday, December 2, 2012 with examples of your work and your LinkedIn profile.

Feel free to include your Twitter, GitHub, StackOverflow, or any other usernames as appropriate. We also accept resumes if you feel the need to add credence to your college career center. We will review and talk to candidates as we receive applications.

For more information, visit

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