Machine Learning Scientist

The Analytics Team at Accretive Health is hiring machine learning and artificial intelligence experts to help us fix some fundamental problems in the healthcare industry through the building of hybrid machine/human expert systems.

Accretive HealthCompany: Accretive Health
Location: San Francisco, CA or Chicago, IL

The Analytics Team at Accretive Health is hiring machine learning and artificial intelligence experts to help us fix some fundamental problems in the healthcare industry through the building of hybrid machine/human expert systems. You will leverage our proprietary dataset and connections to a large set of health care providers to enable domain experts (e.g., physicians, nurses) to provide a higher quality of care for patients and also have significant financial impact on our business and clients.

This team is a startup within the company tasked with building the next generation of our business and products, and has a broad mandate in terms of direction. Where do you think we can go? What are some innovative things you could do if you had access to a large repository of clinical and financial data from many large hospital systems? One big problem we are working on is the interaction of machine learning expert systems with human expert decision makers (physicians), and we need you to join our efforts in solving this fascinating problem.

If you don't have healthcare experience, you'll be shocked by the set of problems the industry is facing: misaligned incentives resulting in higher expenditures and lower quality patient care, lack of widespread data-driven decision making, lack of pricing transparency, treatment decisions inconsistent with best practices, poor information treating the average person instead of the individual, etc. Data products are at the core of the solution to these problems and are where our team is going.

If you do have healthcare experience, then you know that there are many startups thinking about solutions to healthcare's problems. But you also realize that lack of data and a deployment channel are two of the biggest problems facing any new business in this space. Our rich dataset and relationships with hospital systems allow us to both implement and scale in a way that other companies can't.

Here's some info about the ideal candidate:

  • Located in or willing to relocate to San Francisco or Chicago
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship: Your innate curiosity and high energy level push you to prototype products we can build using our data that can solve problems in a broken industry
  • You turn brainstorming conversations into minimally viable prototypes and full-fledged products
  • Deep machine learning experience, yet with a flexibility to learn whatever you don't know
  • You've entered a Kaggle competition, or at least wish you had the time to do so
  • You're simultaneously excited about using data to have a positive impact on society, writing code, and building statistical/machine learning/AI models
  • No clinical or medical data experience required, although clearly a bonus.
  • You fit in perfectly in our Python (NumPy/SciPy, matplotlib, scikit-learn) and R shop.
  • Bonus: practical experience with Gephi, Java, C++, C#, Django, d3, MapReduce, AWS

Job Duties

  • Build a variety of unsupervised and supervised models, with a focus on learning systems that enhance expert decision making and complement existing rules, protocols and expertise
  • Work with internal and external clients to identify areas where analytics and predictive modeling can help solve business problems and increase the quality of health care
  • Identify, build, maintain and deploy data products by writing software, building models, prototyping interfaces, etc.
  • Be an innovation machine for our team and the company

Required Education and Work Experience

  • Track 1
    • Bachelors in a physical, technical, or computing science
    • 5 years experience outside of school in the areas described above
  • Track 2
    • PhD in physical, technical, or computing science
    • 2 years post-PhD experience, or research and practical empirical work in the areas described above

To apply, please send your resume and a brief note about why you are interested in this role to

About Us
Accretive Health is a leading provider of services that help healthcare providers generate sustainable improvements in their operating margins and healthcare quality while also improving patient, physician and staff satisfaction. Our core service offering in revenue cycle management services helps U.S. healthcare providers to more efficiently manage their revenue cycles, which encompass patient registration, insurance and benefit verification, medical treatment documentation and coding, bill preparation and collections. Through the implementation of our distinctive operating model, our customers realize sustainable improvements in the capture of fund contractually owed to them which translates to improved operating margins, and improve the satisfaction of their patients, physicians and staff. Our quality and total cost of care service offering, introduced in 2010, can enable healthcare providers to effectively manage the health of a defined patient population, which we believe is a future direction of the manner in which healthcare services will be delivered in the United States. Our physician advisory services, or Accretive PAS, offering is focused on assisting hospitals maximize their compliant revenue associated with emergency room visits and similar patient classification issues.

Our customers typically are multi-hospital systems, including faith-based or community healthcare systems, academic medical centers and independent ambulatory clinics, and their affiliated physician practice groups. We seek to develop strategic, long-term relationships with our customers and focus on providers that we believe understand the value of our operating model and have demonstrated success in both clinical and operational outcomes.