Senior Statistician, Marketing Analytics

Work on challenging analytical projects/questions with a potential of significant impact to the business. Typically these problems will be of an unstructured nature, and the analyst will be expected to quickly assess the situation and develop a practical problem solving strategy.

ChaseCompany: Chase
Location: Columbus, OH

This position will be part of the Retail Marketing team, specifically reporting into the Retail Marketing Analytics & Research group.

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Job Description:

The type of analytical projects/questions posed to this individual can be of the highest level of difficulty, each with the chance of having significant impact to the business. Typically these problems will be of an unstructured nature (and may or may not be associated with a marketing question), whereby the analyst will be expected to quickly assess and comprehend the situation then develop a practical problem solving strategy. The desired approach would then be confidently communicated to executives in a straight-forward way with specifics on timing and expectations.

The employee will have or be granted access to all relevant data and have the computing tools necessary to complete the job. If necessary data (or tool) does not readily exist, but can be otherwise sourced or purchased, it is not uncommon that the case would be made (and approved) to quickly acquire the desired information or capability.

Beyond data and tool resources, the Retail Marketing Analytics Team is currently staffed with 50 highly skilled individuals (9 have PhDs, an additional 25 have Master's Degrees, and all 50 are SAS certified) who can be directly or indirectly leveraged on a project by project basis. Although he or she will have access to the team's resources, the expectation is that the employee can complete the project from start to finish without supervision.

In addition to top-tier analytical capabilities, the desired candidate would have a highly confident, analytically passionate, and outgoing disposition. They would thrive in a high pressure and high expectation environment, where each project assigned to them would likely have millions of dollars of impact to the business. The employee would understand the cost benefit relationship between solution sophistication and practicality and strive to produce the fastest and most accurate results. They would be comfortable and capable of working with senior executives, effectively communicating with them at their level of analytical/technical understanding.

Educational Requirement:

  • Master's or PhD in a quantitative field: Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Econometrics, Biostatistics, Operations Research, Computing and Information Theory, Industrial / Electrical Engineering, or Physics.

Required Skills:

  • Practical expertise in standard analytical methods: generalized linear models, non-linear methods, time series, conditional likelihood methods, adaptive modeling techniques, and decision theoretic / optimization methods. Experience in spatial statistics is also desired.
  • Proficiency in data interpolation and heterogeneous data management.
  • Expertise in building customized code in SAS, SQL, or S-Plus.
  • Familiarity in enterprise data systems and databases such as Oracle and DB2.
  • Projects are "hands-on" where employee will own the entire engagement: consultation, model development, and results presentation.
  • Strong oral and interpersonal skills.

Professional Background: Financial service industry experience desired, but we are open to evaluating candidates from any industry or academic institution, recent top graduates, and soon to graduate top graduates.

Management: Management opportunities exist for the right candidate.

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