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Sr. Business Analyst

Be analytics expert within the company for search, social and display media, provide direction on Search marketing to clients and for product development. This is a highly visible role which will interact with senior management internally and client side.

AdobeCompany: Adobe
Location: Bay Area, CA

Position Summary
Serves as an analytical subject matter expert within the company for search, social and display media. Provide direction externally on the Search marketing space to clients and internally for product development and business development. This is a highly visible role as the analyst will interact with senior management both internally and client side.


  • Identify patterns and trends in search data and implement insights in the Efficient Frontier platform to ensure customers achieve their goals.
  • Develop in house analytical tools that improve the productivity and efficiency for account management and analysis tasks.
  • Develop insights for Adobe client base using historical data with mathematical methods such as time series forecasting, regression, segmentation and clustering.
  • Maintain relationship (as a subject matter expert) with clients on the analytics side and provide them with bid management/optimization plans to improve their performance.
  • Provide the sales, marketing and product development teams with input on the Efficient Frontier product and its adoption with its customers, both internal and external.

Our group is formed with individuals from diverse backgrounds and almost all our hires came from non-Internet industries. We have a mix of engineers, econ majors, MBAs and quant PhDs. I find that for a group such as ours, having people with diverse backgrounds really helps make the team better.

A few things that we would look for when hiring new team members:

  • A willingness to learn: This is probably the most important. We work in a data centric space with a highly effective but complex product. It also requires one to have a roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty type work ethic.
  • Business savvy: Asking the right questions from a business person's POV. You need to have PhD level statistics skills but understanding the business needs and the mathematical approaches that can help you solve the clients problems will be very useful.
  • Social skills. We work a lot with clients and analysts who do well are able to establish a strong client presence for themselves. They are also confident public speakers and enjoy social interaction. Finally, and most importantly they are team players and like to collaborate in the team and share their insights with the others.
  • Math skills: This is important too. We are not looking for PhD level math but someone who knows what they know very well. I find many interviewees struggling with basic regression questions.
  • Programming skills: A basic working knowledge of R would be nice but if you don't know R that's fine specially if you have programmed in a different language in the past. Data ETL skills with Python/Python/Javascript are desired.
  • Educational pedigree: We are quite flexible here but most BAs have degrees in quantitative disciplines. Still, we are open to candidates for different backgrounds.

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