Applied Data Scientist (Post-Doctoral)

If you have a PhD in an analytical discipline and an entrepreneurial mindset, here an the experience of a lifetime - spend three months working and learning with our world-class data science team in Seattle, then return to Sydney to work with one of our closest partners.

Globys Company: Globys
Location: Sydney, Australia

Data Science experience of a lifetime!

Full training in the USA with the country's top 'Big Data' experts

Machine Learning and complex data analytics for realtime marketing

Have you been seeing the explosion of interest in Data Science in industry, feeling stuck on the sidelines in academia, and wanted to know what it takes to cross over? Would you like to learn about commercial Big Data from practicing experts with experience in a long list of diverse business and academic fields? Have you always wanted to solve open-ended investigative and modeling problems in data science for customers with real-world dynamic big data?

If you have a PhD in an analytical discipline and an entrepreneurial mindset, Globys is offering the experience of a lifetime - spend three months working with our world-class data science team in Seattle, learning about our Big Data-driven Contextual Marketing capabilities, and how we leverage machine learning, behavioral psychology and the power of communities to influence behavior; then return to Sydney to work with one of our closest partners. Learn about their business challenges and develop analysis and machine learning approaches to solve them - that may subsequently be deployed in our flagship analytics product for extracting knowledge and information from terabytes of data in real time.

You will need to excel at translating business goals and research questions into data discovery analysis, results and prototype modeling output, presenting them to both expert team members and to business stakeholders both at Globys and our partners, and ultimately delivering the output to a team of architects and design engineers developing production-quality software code.


  • Knowledgeable in a variety of theory and techniques in Machine Learning and Data Mining such as Pattern classification and statistical learning, including Bayesian Decision Theory and parameter estimation, support vector machines, neural networks, regularization techniques, decision trees and CART, generalized additive models and adaptive nearest neighbor methods
  • Mathematical Programming, including linear, quadratic and semi-definite programming, with a solid understanding of constrained and unconstrained methods, sub-gradient algorithms and interior point methods
  • Competence in the use of statistical techniques to rapidly come to conclusions, and empower business decisions about data
  • Proficient in Python including NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn and other packages that enable data science and machine learning at scale
  • Excellent communication skills for customer interactions and team collaboration demonstrated through talks, formal and informal papers and other publications
  • Self-starter, able to make progress and add structure in the context of changing and ambiguous requirements
  • Bonus: Familiarity with Hadoop/MapReduce, distributed computations and a proficiency in Spanish
We offer a terrific opportunity to make frontline contributions to our business as a member of one of the strongest data science teams in the world, a chance to explore life in a different country, a competitive compensation and benefits package, and a great group of people to work with.

About us:
Globys provides some of the world's leading communications service providers with solutions that help them leverage and monetize their customer data assets. A spin off from VeriSign Inc., one of the world's leading providers of infrastructure services, Globys offers a suite of self-service and targeted marketing solutions that have helped meet the needs of communications service providers for more than 13 years.

Each of Globys' applications is designed to leverage customer data into richer, more valuable intelligence, helping service providers to increase revenue, reduce churn and enhance profitability across the entire customer lifecycle. We are headquartered in Seattle, USA, with offices in Atlanta, Toronto, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East. Today Globys products are deployed at more than 25 service providers worldwide.

We're passionate about creating an environment where people love what they do and who they are doing it with.

A place where:

  • The CEO knows your name
  • The energy and enthusiasm of the team will get you fired up, every day
  • Customers (and our customers' customers) are always top-of-mind
  • Elegance in software design and implementation do not take a backseat to shipping under time pressure. Where your craft is just that - your craft
  • Hard work is rewarded professionally and financially
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