R2: Data Scientist

Looking for a data scientist with the curiosity to derive new insights from data and the drive to deliver that insight into production, to help our clients to transform their practice in the industry.

Company: R2
Location: Montreal, Canada
Web: www.r2.ca

Send candidacy to: said.berriah@r2.ca

Position Overview

R2 is seeking a data scientist to join the research and development team. Since we are a small team, the scope of what you can do for us is dependent on your own initiative. We are looking for individuals with the curiosity to derive new insights from data and the drive to deliver that insight into something that can help our clients to transform their actual practice in the industry.

The right person will find him or herself in an exciting and challenging environment, at the interface of quantitative science, software engineering and industrial processes. He/she will play an integral role in developing our software platform. Responsibilities will include managing data, extending the functionality of the software platform and building models to be deployed in our clients’ environment.

What are some examples of your responsibilities?

  • Find and integrate suitable data mining and modeling techniques to build predictive diagnostic and key performance indicator optimization for our industry.
  • Refining our existing solutions, propose the best answers possible.
  • Work in close collaboration with the software developers to deploy and configure the new solutions.
  • Execute Contractual Data Analysis services and reporting.

About the company

Who is R2?

Founded in 1989 and located in the Old Montreal, R2 has devoted its information technology know-how and industrial electrochemical expertise to develop and deploy unique solutions to the chlor-alkali industries. R2’s hardware and software platform awarded by more than a dozen patents is actually monitoring over 40,000 electrolysis equipments in 20 different countries.

What does R2 do?

R2 offers EMOS®, a product unique in its ability to characterize and evaluate the performance of single cells for an electrolyzer and provide early detection of potentially harmful events. R2 has also developed IMU™, a platform to process modeling and predictive diagnosis based on state-of-the-art data mining techniques.R2 offers a unique Analysis Service to deploy a preventive maintenance strategy in the electrolysis cell room.

Desired skills and experience

Qualified candidates should be/have