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The Autonomic Management group creates innovative analytics from big data to simplify and automate management of IT/physical systems and services, from automobiles to a smart city, and seeks researchers to work on data analytics and mining for complex systems.

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Location: Princeton, NJ

NEC Laboratories America, Inc. is a vibrant industrial research center, conducting research in support of NEC's U.S. and global businesses. Our research program covers many areas, reflecting the breadth of NEC business, and maintains a balanced mix of fundamental and applied research.

The Autonomic Management group conducts research in the area of large-scale complex systems. We are creating innovative analytics from big data to simplify and automate the management of physical systems (e.g., automobiles, power plants, smart city), as well as large-scale IT systems and services. Our group has several ongoing projects on big data analytics including massive time series modeling, heterogeneous log analysis, and large graph mining, etc. Our researchers have expertise in statistics, data mining, signal processing, pattern recognition and distributed systems.

We strongly believe in publishing our research results as well as building technologies that can solve real world problems and ultimately support our business needs. Many of our research results have been transferred into award-winning NEC products.

Currently, the group is seeking researchers to work in the area of data analytics and mining for complex systems.

The ideal candidate must have expertise in data mining and statistical learning, and is expected to analyze massive amount of monitoring data from complex physical and IT systems to model and analyze their complex behaviors. He/she must have a PhD in CS/CE with a strong publication record in at least one of the following areas:

  • Data mining and statistical learning
  • Time series analysis and prediction
  • Big data analytics and algorithms
  • Signal processing and information theory

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