Globys: Research Scientist – Dynamic Bayesian Networks

Developing core science into advanced technical capabilities that work on real-world problems at scale, presenting to stakeholders, and delivering the output to software architects.

Globys Company: Globys
Location: Seattle, WA

  • Data Science experience of a lifetime!
  • Implement Machine Learning and complex data analytics for real-time marketing
  • Make front line contributions to our business as a member of one of the strongest data science teams in the world

Based in Seattle, Globys provides some of the world's leading communications providers with solutions that help them leverage and monetize their customer data assets. A spin off from VeriSign Inc., one of the world's leading providers of infrastructure services, Globys offers a suite of targeted marketing solutions that have helped meet the needs of communications service providers for more than 13 years.

The Data Science team at Globys is leveraging machine learning, behavioral psychology and the power of communities to advance marketing science; we collaborate with Globys' closest partners to learn about their business challenges and develop analysis and machine learning approaches for solving them, that are subsequently deployed in our flagship analytics product for extracting and acting on knowledge from terabytes of data in real time. And we are growing!

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Our ideal candidate will excel at developing core science into highly differentiated technical capabilities that work on real-world problems at scale, presenting them to both expert team members, business stakeholders both at Globys and our partners, the academic community and ultimately delivering the output to a team of software architects and engineers developing production-quality software code.

To succeed in this role you will need:
  • Expert, State-of-the-Art or Field-leading research in Dynamics Bayesian Networks, Hidden Markov Models or POMDPs demonstrated by published research papers in respected journals.
  • Knowledgeable in a variety of theory and techniques in Machine Learning and Data Mining such as:
  • Supervised and unsupervised clustering, regression and classification, including Bayesian methods, parameter estimation, support vector machines, neural networks, decision trees
  • Mathematical Programming, including linear, quadratic and semi-definite programming, Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Variational Methods
  • Proficient in Python including NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn and other packages that enable data science and machine learning at scale
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for team collaboration demonstrated through talks, formal and informal papers and other publications, with English as a primary or exceptionally strong second language.
  • Self-starter, able to make progress, add structure, and spearhead leading edge developments in the context of dynamic and ambitious requirements
  • PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Physics or a related discipline
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Bonus: Familiarity with MapReduce concepts and distributed computations


We are looking for individuals who value the balance between life and work. You must be conscientious about delivering at high quality, ready to play a diverse and rapidly evolving role, and when you're working doing so with passion and tenacity, while being a decent, fun person to work with. In return, we offer a terrific opportunity to make front line contributions to our business as a member of one of the strongest data science teams in the world, a competitive compensation and benefits package, and a great group of people to work with.

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Joining our team will get you working with some of the best in the business as we continue our highly visible work; solving complex and exciting problems to deliver real and meaningful solutions for a global customer base.

About us:
At Globys, we bring together energetic entrepreneurially-minded individuals to build amazing products that people all over the world use. As a team, we're really excited about what we're accomplishing. Globys is a profitable, globally admired, engineering-oriented company that is thriving in the very hot telecommunications and mobile analytics space. We're giving our customers what they need the most - deep insight into their data and software to better tailor their services to meet their customer needs. And, we think that's really cool!

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We're passionate about creating an environment where people love what they do and who they are doing it with. A place where...
  • The CEO knows your name
  • The energy and enthusiasm of the team will get you fired up, every day
  • Customers (and our customers' customers) are always top-of-mind
  • Elegance in software design and implementation do not take a backseat to shipping under time pressure. Where your craft is just that - your craft
  • Hard work is rewarded professionally and financially!