Netflix: Sr. Data Scientist – Marketing Algorithms/Analytics

Outgoing, curious, interdisciplinary data expert to work as a data miner, statistical modeler and algorithm designer - work with marketing decision makers to better understand and optimize customer acquisition.

Netflix Company: Netflix
Location: Los Gatos, CA

Netflix is seeking an outgoing, curious, interdisciplinary data expert to work as a data miner, statistical modeler and algorithm designer. In this role you will have the opportunity to work closely with marketing decision makers and other senior data scientists to better understand and optimize our different customer acquisition channels. You will bring a combination of mathematical rigor and innovative algorithm design to create recipes that efficiently extract relevant insights from billions of rows of data to meaningfully improve our operations.

Here are some examples of the problems we tackle:
  • How do we choose a time, location and placement of an ad for a prospect in the most cost-effective manner? And how do we do this in millisecond scale ... billions of times a day?
  • How can we quantify the impact of TV and radio campaigns showcasing our original content in the behavior of our customers by mining their usage patterns and social signals?
  • How can we optimally leverage our users' behavior to predict whether or not someone is at risk of quitting, and then design a messaging strategy to the users with high probability of quitting that tries to change their behavior before it's too late? At Netflix, our culture and management is committed to being a fact-based and analysis driven organization. Because of this, your contributions in solving problems like these will be A/B tested quickly and rigorously and you will have direct and measurable impact to the bottom-line. You will also get a chance to work with other world-class data scientists that you can learn from and hone your skills.

To succeed in this role you should be:
  • Proficient at translating unstructured business problems into an abstract mathematical framework
  • Able to make intelligent approximations to the model if required to make it scalable.
  • Comfortable enough with commonly used computing and database environments to get the data that you need and implement a working prototype of the formulated model.
  • Excited to learn about and apply new methodologies in the intersection of applied math / probability / statistics / computer science We're proud of our expertise we're developing in consumer science and ultimately translating this into consumer value - so come be a part of the story!


  • MS/PhD. degree in Statistics, Econometrics, Mathematics, Operations Research, CS or equivalent/related degree.
  • 4+ years of relevant experience with a proven track record of leveraging large amounts of data to drive significant business impact.
  • Expertise in predictive analytics/statistical modeling/data mining algorithms. Must have knowledge/experience in some/all of the following: Multivariate Regression, Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines, Bagging, Boosting, Decision Trees, Lifetime analysis, common clustering algorithms.
  • Experience in Optimization, Stochastic Processes a plus.

  • Proficiency in at least one statistical analysis tool such as R, SAS, and/or Weka.
  • Above average capabilities with SQL.
  • Experience with distributed databases and query languages like Hive/Pig/Sawzall and/or general map reduce computing is a plus
  • Knowledge of common data structures and ability to write efficient code in at least one language preferably Java/C++/ Python/Perl

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