Microsoft: Applied Researcher

Be at the forefront of Big Data, command many thousands of machines, process petabytes of data, and not just answer the question given but define what the right question to answer is.

Microsoft Company: Microsoft
Location: Seattle, WA

Did you ever think that two pixels could result in millions of dollars of added revenue?

Want to be at the forefront of Big Data? Want to command hundreds of thousands of machines and process terabytes - nay, petabytes - of data in minutes using your favorite programming language? Are you able to not just answer the question you are given but define what the right question to answer is?

If so, join the Application and Services Group's (ASG) Analysis and Experimentation team. With new data sources and signals coming in daily, we need a bright, hands-on data hacker who obsesses over detail while understanding the big picture. We need those who can understand the data at a higher level and be able to proactively work with feature teams to maximize their data-driven potential. We are also the brains and analytical brawn behind the ASG Experimentation Platform, used by teams all across ASG and Microsoft.

Job responsibilities include:
  • Handling large amounts of data using various tools, including your own. All programming languages welcome, especially R/S, Python, SQL, and C#.
  • Understanding the data generated by experiments, and producing actionable, trustworthy conclusions from them.
  • Taking complex problems and the associated data and giving the answers in a concise form to assist partners, GMs, and VPs in making key business decisions.
  • Building data manipulation, processing, and visualization tools and sharing these tools and your knowledge across the team, ASG, and Microsoft.
  • Being the analysis and experimentation point of contact/subject matter expert for various projects around ASG and Microsoft
  • Serving as a technical leader including leading large scale analysis projects along with guiding and developing junior members of the team

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in a quantitative field, and at least four years of relevant work experience. PhD or equivalent experience preferred.
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills.
  • Deep knowledge of applied statistics and mathematics: p-values, confidence intervals, regression, classification, and optimization are core lingo.
  • A strong sense of curiosity and a willingness to learn, share, and improve.
  • An ability to proactively understand the data coming your way, and pooling the analytical and human resources necessary to solve fundamentally difficult problems.
  • Data hacking skills and knowledge in various analytical programming languages and frameworks: Hadoop/MapReduce, R, SQL, Python.
  • Deep understanding of web technologies and their inner workings: HTTP, HTML, Javascript.

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