JCA: Consultant, Development Expertise

JCA provides strategic consulting to the world leading nonprofits and helps them work smarter. The Consultant provides overall direction to the project team, manages client relationship, and helps identify new business opportunities.

JCA Company: JCA
Location: New York, NY or telecommute
Web: www.jcainc.com


JCA provides strategic consulting to the world's leading nonprofits. Since 1988, we have helped non-profit organizations work smarter. As the first and largest independent consulting firm dedicated solely to the technical and operational needs of nonprofits, JCA has uncommon insight into the challenges our clients face.

To work at JCA, you must adhere to our core values.
  1. We take our work seriously. We hold ourselves personally accountable for our work.
  2. We are honest, no matter what.
  3. We are fair and respectful to our clients and to each other.
  4. Excellence drives us.


The JCA Consultant (Development Expertise) is a key position in JCA projects at fundraising organizations. The consultant plays a primary role in small to mid-sized client engagements and a supporting role on larger projects, ensuring that these projects successfully achieve their objectives. The Consultant provides overall direction to the project team and manages many aspects of the client relationship. The Consultant is also responsible for identifying new business opportunities while working with JCA clients.


3.1. Non-Profit Knowledge
A JCA Consultant requires expertise in the work our clients do. You should be knowledgeable enough to give the impression that you could sit in the client's seat and do the job. Specific areas of knowledge include:
  • Major gift fundraising
  • Moves management
  • Membership
  • Direct marketing
  • Special events
  • Gift Processing
  • Stewardship
  • Corporate fundraising
  • Foundation fundraising
  • Planned giving
  • Recurring giving
  • Advancement Services
  • Constituent Relationship Management

3.2. Client Product Expertise

A JCA Consultant must demonstrate proficiency in the products used by our clients. Consultants must have a solid grasp of constructs and concepts related to CRM, development, ticketing, finance, and the web tools used by our clients. In addition to the conceptual underpinnings, a JCA Consultant must be able to demonstrate proficiency with one or more of the following systems:
  • The Raiser's Edge
  • Blackbaud CRM
  • Ellucian Advance
  • Luminate CRM
  • Avectra CRM

3.3. Analytical Skills This skill comprises three parts.
  • For large engagements, provide support to a Senior Consultant or Director. This includes attending interviews and creating JCA's analysis documentation. In smaller engagements, prepare for and run interviews that uncover the fundamental issues causing the problems you are there to solve and expose problems the client may not recognize.
  • Take large amounts of potentially complex information collected during the interviews and organize it using a logical structure to gain a better understanding of the information. This requires keeping the right information and excluding information that does not inform the project objective.
  • Apply consulting expertise to create actionable recommendations. Ultimately, this is the ability to construct a persuasive argument.

3.4. Communication Skills
JCA Consultants must be excellent communicators. This includes speaking, writing, flow-charting and presenting. "Analysis" is where we decide what to say. Communication is ability to deliver the message effectively.

3.5. Project Management
Project management is the ability to define and control a project. The client and JCA must share a common understanding of how long something will take, how much it will cost, and the definition of success. The Consultant controls the project according to the agreed upon scope and manages the inevitable challenges. A Consultant is able to manage small to mid-sized projects independently and lead clients to successful outcomes.

3.6. Positive Client Reviews
We understand that sometimes honoring our core values means making some recommendations that may not be easy for clients to hear. We understand that personalities often play a role in perception and the measure for this is not a simple grade based on client surveys. However, a consultant should have good reviews from key client staff and the client should want to hire JCA again.

  • Demonstrated understanding of the nonprofit sector
  • Previous consulting experience is a plus
  • Minimum of an undergraduate degree
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to lead interviews and meetings with client staff, including executive and senior level
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • CRM software experience in at least one of the systems mentioned above
  • Solid understanding of technical issues related to consulting: databases, report writing, web, and systems integrations

Email to jobs@jcainc.com