Teleport: Data Scientist

Find, scrape, fuse, structure, visualize and build our growing pool of data that we use to power our search engine for digital nomads. Join a well-funded startup as one of the first employees.

Teleport Company: Teleport
Location: Tallinn, Palo Alto or the world

Teleport Data Scientist finds, scrapes, fuses, structures, visualizes and builds our growing pool of data that we use to power our search engine for digital nomads. We'll never have perfect data for the entire planet, but thanks to you we'll able to give useful responses to location searches anyway.

By joining a well-funded startup as one of the first employees, you'll get a chance to define how the rest of the company works by creating our foundational data platform: advocating and picking the frameworks and tools, defining the schema, and so on.

An ideal candidate will have the following skills:
  • Excellent in statistics, data fusion and data integration work
  • Excellent with Python numpy/scipy (preferred), R, or Matlab for data analytics work
  • Good at developing and programming databases (both structured and unstructured)
  • Good at writing and automating data scraping scripts
  • Familiarity with Hadoop and general concepts of MapReduce
  • Obsession with data quality
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

In addition, the following skills put you ahead since your work interfaces with these technologies:
  • Experience with PostgreSQL; you know when to use jsonb vs. MongoDB
  • Experience with charting and visualization libraries (D3, SVG, matplotlib)
  • Experience with working with geographical data and mapping services (such as MapBox, CartoDB, PostGIS, Google Maps)
  • Experience with machine learning

We don't expect every candidate to check all these boxes. What you don't know, you should be self-motivated to learn. We hope you can show us a glimpse into that ability already during your work on the test task.

From a culture standpoint, we'd like you to use our product while developing it; nomads with both (a) the urge to live in new places and (b) the skills to continue effectively working with the rest of the team when remote will probably be most at home. For starters, you will be teleporting between Estonia and Silicon Valley in addition to wherever else you want to be.

To indicate your interest in joining Teleport, please send a short cover letter describing why you think you'd best fit the Teleport team and three examples of your best work to:

About Teleport. Teleport enables you to maximize your quality of life through moving around. It is a new kind of search engine that finds the best (x, y) coordinate on the planet Earth for you at any stage of your life...whether that is income-maximizing, cost-minimizing, or simply weather-optimizing. We believe that mobile technology is making us people more mobile and anyone should be able to take advantage of this trend.