Metis (a division of Kaplan): Data Science Lead

An experienced data scientist to head the teaching of our data science bootcamps and to champion our growth in the field of data science education and training.

Metis, a division of Kaplan Company: Metis, a division of Kaplan
Location: New York, NY

We are looking for a Data Science Lead to head the teaching of our data science bootcamps and to champion our growth in the field of data science education and training. We are seeking an experienced data scientist who loves and excels at analyzing and visualizing data to solve important problems, is passionate about teaching others to be premier data scientists, and is fun to be around and work with. We want a leader who can envision new opportunities for growth, attract talent to pursue those opportunities, and help create exceptional data science training products.


Instruction and Curriculum Improvement

The Data Science Lead ensures we provide incredible and inspiring data science instruction and that we prepare our students to become successful entry-level data scientists. This includes co-teaching some of our bootcamps with a lead data science instructor. Together, the instructors are responsible for:
  • Leading course discussions
  • Assisting students in the development of their passion projects
  • Improving the quality of our curriculum and course
  • Providing personalized support to students
  • Ensuring the that learning data science is fun
  • Assessing each student to certify s/he exits the program with the knowledge, skills and abilities to function as an entry level data science professional

Admissions and Marketing

The Data Science Lead works closely with the Admissions team to raise awareness about our data science programs and to ensure that we admit the most qualified applicants.

  • Interviewing all applicants who are admitted past the written application phase
  • Making recommendations to the Admissions team for admittance
  • Providing relevant content and thought leadership to support marketing efforts
  • Authoring white papers and thought leadership pieces to solidify Metis's position in the data science community
  • Present papers and sponsoring panels at data science community conferences

Product Expansion and Development

The Data Science Lead leads the thinking around new courses to pilot and helps recruit talent to create and teach our current bootcamps and new products.
  • Identifying unmet market needs and helping to conceive new training products to meet those needs

Instructor Recruitment
  • Supporting recruitment of full-time and/or contract data scientists to create and/or teach current and new courses

  • Is a data scientist with outstanding knowledge of and experience in Python, Unix, SQL and NoSQL databases, scikit.learn, virtual environments, Bayesian inference, machine learning algorithms, javascript, d3, matplotlib, and programming best practices
  • Is well-versed in the data science cycle of identifying problems, retrieving and cleaning data, analyzing data and visually communicating the data to external or internal stakeholders
  • Is equally passionate about data science and teaching
  • Is well-connected and active in the data science community
  • Is not afraid of learning something new
  • Approaches problems with a design perspective
  • Preferably has teaching experience alongside data science
  • Does not take themselves too seriously


  • Part of a team that is transforming education
  • Flexible hours, including mix of teaching and practice
  • Competitive compensation package

If you're interested in the Data Science Lead position, please

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