Flipkart: Data Science interns, Data Scientists

Flipkart is most well-funded Indian Internet company, looking at many challenging problems with huge business impact, including personalisation, recommendation, pricing, and more.

Flipkart Company: Flipkart
Location: Bangalore, India
Web: www.flipkart.com

About Flipkart:
Flipkart went live in 2007 with the objective of making books easily available to anyone who had Internet access. In 7 years, we have kick-started the e-Commerce revolution in India, in the process becoming the largest Internet company in India. Some current facts about Flipkart:
  • $3 Billion GMV
  • 2nd most browsed Indian site, as per Alexa ranking
  • 10 million daily page visits
  • 55K shipments per day
  • 20 million products
  • 30+ million registered users

We are also the most well-funded Indian Internet company - a sign of deep belief from global Investors who invested in the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn. We are aggressively investing these funds primarily in bringing in world class talent, especially in the areas of Product & Technology, Supply Chain, Retail and Data Science & Analytics to Flipkart.

About e-commerce in India:
  • Total Retail: 2013 - $600 Billion; 2020 (projected) - $1.2-$1.5 Trillion
  • Total e-commerce: 2012 - $2 Billion; 2020 (projected) - $50 Billion+

Why Data Science at Flipkart:
At Flipkart, we believe that in order to create an awesome online buying experience and to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction, technology needs to be exploited to the fullest. With this vision we have built a reliable and scalable technology framework which is making e-commerce happen in India. When we pause to think what's next,we see the need to build strong and intelligent systems that can take complex, vague information and translate that it into timely and accurate decisions. To solve this challenge, we are growing our Data Sciences team.

Flipkart have unique set of challenges due to the geography, demographics and the growth potential of the ecommerce sector. These challenges pose a massive opportunity to be unlocked.

Diversity: The Indian population is truly diverse with respect to social, economic, cultural and geographic aspects which manifests in buying pattern and expectations in e-commerce.

Lack of organised retail: It is believed that India has skipped the evolution phase of organised retail which means no trends and patterns to learn from for the e-commerce industry.

Nascent ecosystem: Under-developed infrastructure and support services that leads to fuzziness in ecosystem.

Exponential growth: Indian e-commerce market grew 10 folds in last 3 years and estimated to grow another 10 folds in next 2-3 years. i.e. 100 times in 5-6 years!!

Expectation of intelligence behaviour for customer satisfaction: Today's customer expects intelligent behaviour from various technology systems.

Internet traffic moving from desktop to mobile: India's internet revolution is happening via the handheld devices. And hence the mobile specific solutions around personalisation, recommendation becomes very important.

Opportunity areas: We are looking at lots of interesting and challenging problems which can create huge business impact. Some of the problem areas we are working on are:
  • Personalisation
  • Recommendation
  • Pricing
  • Promotion
  • Demand forecasting
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Online marketing optimisation
  • Fraud and risk estimation
  • Marketplace intelligence
  • Self healing systems
  • And many more

About Candidate:
If you are currently enrolled in an advanced degree course (MS or PhD) in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Optimisation, NLP or related areas, and are passionate about Data and looking to impact billion+ people, we would love to talk!

Internship Details:
3-6 months or longer internship in Bangalore over summer. For stipend and benefits please reach out to us at kdd@flipkart.com, preferably before Feb 5th.

Full-time positions:
Please reach out to us: kdd@flipkart.com

Contact: kdd@flipkart.com