Ipsos: Data Scientist

Fluent in R and Python, capable and creative programmer, able to work well with a small team, has strong interest in advanced analytic techniques.

Ipsos Company: Ipsos
Location: Culver City, CA
Web: www.ipsos-na.com

Summary: A capable and creative programmer with unrelenting attention to detail, an ability to work well with a small team (including both programmers and non-programmers), and a strong interest in advanced analytic techniques. Fluency in R and/or Python is required.

  • Contribute to large-scale data and statistical modeling efforts.
  • Develop new data science products by translating conceptual blueprints into polished applications.
  • Maintain and enhance large codebases underlying existing key applications.
  • Perform other marketing science analyses for clients as required


  • Proficiency in advanced R and/or Python programming, including the ability to produce and maintain reusable and modular codebases.

  • Working knowledge of SQL. Further experience with database design and administration considered a plus.
  • Familiarity with particular analytic tools including Monte Carlo simulation, machine learning, genetic algorithms, data fusion, predictive models, network analysis, system dynamics, and/or agent-based models.
  • Experience with collaboration tools and version control systems (e.g. Git).
  • Experience in code optimization (parallelizing processes, etc.).
  • Experience integrating R and/or Python with each other and C\C++.
  • Large dataset manipulation. Experience in distributed storage and computing a plus.
  • Experience with JavaScript, esp. visualization libraries (e.g. d3.js).
  • Experience creating and deploying web applications.
  • Familiarity with web scraping tools and techniques.

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