Digital Catapult Centre: Lead Technologist – Data (Permanent or Contract)

Have deep expertise in data technologies, help catapult UK best ideas from startups and university research to grow into large-scale companies.

Digital Catapult Centre Company: Digital Catapult Centre
Location: London, UK

We all know that data science, predictive analytics, machine learning, visualisation and big data processing techniques will change most industries if not turn them upside down. At the Digital Catapult our job is to help the UK's best ideas from startups and university research to grow into large-scale companies - our challenge is to make a difference at a national scale - and we're particularly focussed on data innovation.

We're looking for a lead technologist with deep expertise in data technologies - someone who can look beyond short-term commercial priorities into future markets, next generation techniques, see where the cutting edge of R&D is taking us. It is a hugely varied and influential role, collaborating with startups, corporates, universities, government agencies, working to develop projects and platforms to help create new marketplaces or remove barriers.

The role is based at the spectacular Digital Catapult Centre in King's Cross, London, recently voted one of the coolest places to work. The network of Catapult centres was recently funded by the UK government. Each Catapult represents an area of huge disruptive opportunity with UK strengths in research and startup activity. Catapults aim to match the government funding with further commercial revenue and R&D grants.

The Digital Catapult works across data-intensive sectors looking particularly at Internet of Things architectures and data, trust in the use of personal data, creative content and licensing, sharing data securely across organisations. This means we're right at the heart of some massive trends like digital health, the internet of things, wearables and monitoring, smart cities, personal data stores and marketplaces for identifying and licensing creative content.

Contact Name: Daniel Casadei - Recruitment Manager

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