SEC: Operations Research Analyst (Text Analytics)

Support big data projects and use cutting-edge analytical tools and methods to inform policy-making and risk assessment activities for U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission At: U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission
Location: Washington, DC

This position is in the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis - Office of Quantitative Research, located in Washington, DC.

Office of Research and Data Services: leads initiatives to develop and support big data projects and cutting-edge analytical tools and methods that are used to inform policy-making and risk assessment activities across the Commission. Manages programs that develop and refine high quality financial market data and robust analytical processes.

Typical Duties Include:
  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses and evaluations, using commercial and SEC databases that support DERA and other SEC offices, to identify risk metrics, potential fraud and other issues that might affect the securities trading functions of the free market.
  • Conducting text analytics research to derive high-quality information from text sources; providing text summarization; topic modeling, entity extraction, part of speech tagging; sentiment analysis and text classification.
  • Reviewing and analyzing studies and reports done by DERA economists, scholars and other experts to determine the value to overall risk determinations.
  • Providing technical guidance and coordinating efforts involved in carrying out various aspects of the work, such as design of samples and experiments, design of evaluation of the samples and experiments, and oversees the work of employees and/or contractors who are responsible for the implementation.
  • Designing, developing, maintaining, and modifying quantitative models, metrics and reports that support a variety of financial analysis areas.
  • Developing computer programs in JAVA, Python, SAS, and/or R to implement cutting-edge text analysis methods.

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