SlideRule: Data Science Course Mentor (online)

Be an expert mentor for SlideRule online, self-paced Data Science workshops where participants learn with the help of a curated curriculum and 1-1 mentor guidance.

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SlideRule runs online, self-paced Data Science workshops where participants learn with the help of a curated curriculum and 1-1 guidance from an expert mentor.

Our mentor community - the biggest strength of our programs - has some of the best experts from the field. If you are as passionate about mentoring as you are about Data Science, and can give a few hours per week in return for an honorarium, we would love to hear from you.

Please find more details about the program below.
  • Completely online and self-paced. Coursework is ~100 hours and on average, students finish it in 3 months.
  • Participants in this course are working professionals and college students from all over the world, interested in getting started with Data Science.
  • Participants learn about Data Science with the help of a curated online curriculum, many projects and a personal mentor.

  • Be proficient in the curriculum topics of the workshop (Foundations or Intensive) you are mentoring for.
  • Weekly, 30-minute video check-ins with students to help them set and achieve learning goals, answer subject matter questions, provide feedback on projects, and career advice.
  • You can do the calls at a time of your convenience, and take as many mentees as your schedule permits.

  • You are as passionate about teaching Data Science as about Data Science itself.
  • You are that rare combination of programming, statistics and storytelling skills.
  • You are proficient in the curriculum topics of at least one of our Foundations or Intensive workshops.
  • You have at least 2 years of experience solving real-life data science problems, and are comfortable working with large data sets.
  • You are empathetic and have excellent communication skills.

About SlideRule:
We are a fast-growing startup with a big vision for transforming education using open, online learning. Our mission is to bridge the skills gap by delivering high-quality, affordable education in subjects most relevant in today's economy.

We've been written about in Lifehacker, Venturebeat, TechCrunch, YourStory among other publications, and have been on the front page of HackerNews and Reddit multiple times. We are backed by some phenomenal angel investors, including 500 Startups and founders of LinkedIn and Inmobi. This is just the beginning, we can do so much better with you!

If interested, please write to with your resume and work samples (e.g. Github or Kaggle profiles, project code and reports etc).