AspenTech: Data Scientist

If you want a shot at greatness, as a member of the data science team, you will develop and investigate hypotheses, structure experiments and build mathematical models to understand data patterns and relationships and prescribe actions and options.

AspenTech At: AspenTech
Location: Bedford, MA

Apply online to Job 33722 (Data Scientist).

"Enabling every process plant to achieve Operations Excellence" is the AspenTech vision. Founded more than 30 years ago by the best and brightest engineers at MIT, we continue to imagine and invent new ways to bring efficiency to the process industry. Today, AspenTech is thriving with our relentless focus on innovation, collaboration, and execution combined with world-class experts who speak more than 10 languages and work in 30 different offices worldwide. This is a place where people are fiercely passionate about technology, a balanced life style and a desire to make a difference in the process industry.

Our software tackles the most complex process manufacturing challenges, creating value and improving profitability for our customers. The industries that drive our economies and touch our lives are optimized by aspenONE software every day. The world's leading oil & gas, chemical, engineering & construction, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods companies all rely on AspenTech to run their business (Dow Chemical, ExxonMobile, BASF, Shell, etc.). With integrated aspenONE software, process manufacturers can optimize their engineering, manufacturing, and supply chains. AspenTech customers are better able to achieve operational excellence - increasing capacity and improving margins, reducing costs, becoming more energy efficient, while ensuring safety, and shrinking their carbon footprint.

If you want a shot at greatness, as a member of the data science team, you will develop and investigate hypotheses, structure experiments and build mathematical models to understand data patterns and relationships and prescribe actions and options. We are looking for a sharp, disciplined, and highly quantitative individual who has a passion for playing with data, in all its forms including data mining, mathematical modeling and expert systems. We are building a unique technology platform dedicated to the real-time discovery and manipulation of data; this is your chance to be a critical part of that data research team.

  • Experience and track record in contributing in core development activities in a data analytics project
  • As a data scientist, you will create the analytics platforms and algorithms in software including warehousing, data engineering and management, statistics and machine learning, advanced computing, uncertainty modeling and visualization.
  • As a data scientist, you will build and verify mathematical models and automated machine learning tools to analyze and optimize all aspects of our system, providing actionable insights in real time.
  • Collaborate with data mining engineers and development teams on data selection, preprocessing and formatting for analysis. You will also have the opportunity to help implement product-related tools, features and/or designs; success is measured in monetizing, retention, product usage and adoption.
  • Help the organization shape new product directions as well as implement product vision within the context of the next generation of product architecture, while keeping the data science/analytics in mind.
  • Thorough knowledge of SDLC and the ability to adhere to software development standards to release products on time; this includes processes such as issue tracking, source code control, coding conventions.

  • Must not be humorless robot (requirement waived for actual robots)
  • B.S. or higher in Applied Math, Statistics, Computer Science, or related field. Masters degree with sufficient subject matter expertise in data & information would be a plus.
  • 5+ years software development experience in one or more of Java, JEE, .NET, C# or C++
  • Strong background in statistical or mathematical modeling with analytical and quantitative problem solving ability. Experience with time-series analysis is a plus.
  • Solid understanding of statistical modeling / predictive analysis/ data mining / expert system concepts; extra credit if you have experience with tools such as PYTHON, MATLAB, Mathematica, SPSS,R Programming languages
  • Good inter-personal, presentation and communication skills (special skills encouraged)
  • Ability to prioritize and track multiple projects in parallel and experience running development teams using progressive methodologies
  • If given lots of room to innovate and invent, candidate can work with new technologies to advance new ideas and implementations

  • Experience with Open Source big data technology such as Apache Hadoop with HDFS, Hive, Pig, Horton Works, NoSQL DB, and other open source components and tools will be a plus
  • Knowledge of chemistry, petroleum and process verticals along with business, finance, economics would be a plus
  • Experience in designing and building Web Applications, HTML5, JavaScript, XML, JSON, Web Services, Enterprise Class Distributed Messaging Systems, and deep knowledge in integration patterns will be a plus
  • Knowledge of software systems, design principles, architecture guidelines, and general functioning of middleware & messaging systems along with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) are advantageous
  • Knowledge of Agile & SCRUM Software Methodology and Full software development lifecycle (SDLC) experience.
  • Artistic Ability or Appreciation is a plus

Aspen Technology is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action employer.