Xerox Research Centre India: Research Scientist/Engineer: Speech and Signal Processing

Speech group main goal is to enable Human-Computer-Smartphone interactions to be speech enabled in our day-to-day and professional lives.

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At the Speech group, our main goal is to enable Human-Computer-Smartphone interactions to be speech enabled in our day-to-day and professional lives. Speech is the most natural form of communication signal in the human society and in the past three decades significant research advances have been made that have brought specific speech recognition capability to the computers and smartphones. Our research goal is to push the technical boundaries further by making the speech recognition systems more accurate across wide range of discussion topics (customer care, healthcare, command and control), speaking styles, accents background noise etc., leading to a natural and unified speech enabled, computing and interactions environment.

We are building the next generation of core speech recognition, speech machine learning statistical acoustic modeling, natural language understanding and speech synthesis technologies. We are also researching novel audio-video signal acquisition, and machine learning techniques for remote and low cost diagnostics and sensing in healthcare applications, including non-intrusive and contact less respiratory and heart rate measurements through video signals and other physiological measurements

Successful candidates for the Sr. Research Scientist, Research Scientist and Research Engineer positions will have strong background in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Statistics with a strong research interest in the following areas:
  • Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBM), Stochastic Optimization, Time series statistical models such as Hidden Markov Models, Kernel Techniques and other Discriminative Models. Machine learning as applied to physiological signals (heart rate, respiratory rate, facial expressions, emotions) detection and recognition with applications in Healthcare
  • Large scale and efficient Research Prototype System Development, Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition System, Linear Algebra (BLAS, LAPACK) and other Numerical libraries. Excellent programming skills in C++, Python and Shell, Perl scripting.
  • Additional requirements include outstanding communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with other researchers and product development teams
  • For Research Scientists positions, a strong publication record in top machine learning, speech recognition and signal processing conferences and journals is required.

Successful candidates will work with a world-class research team and are encouraged to publish their high quality research work in the leading research conferences such as the IEEE ICASSP, IEEE ICML, NIPS, IEEE CVPR, Interspeech and leading IEEE research journals such as IEEE PAMI, IEEE TASLP, Speech Communication, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering and IEEE Transactions on Affective

Education and Experience:
  • Ph.D. (Masters) in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or a related engineering or science discipline from top tier institutes for Senior Research Scientist and Research Scientist (Senior Research Engineer). Proven track record of research excellence will be given preference.

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