InvenSense: Data Scientist – Principal

Leverage machine learning techniques to discover data patterns and user behavior, evaluate scenarios, and predict future outcomes with advanced modeling methods.

InvenSense At: InvenSense
Location: San Jose, CA

Apply online.

Job description:
  • Leverage machine learning techniques to discover data patterns and user behavior
  • Evaluate scenarios, and predict future outcomes through statistical data modeling, big data, and optimization tools and techniques like Bayesian modeling , MCMC based estimation methods, convolution-based methods, machine learning, random forests, decision trees, etc
  • Use a combination of R, Python, JavaScript, C, Java, , SQL, etc to solve problems and discover new solutions
  • Translate ideas and theory into commercial solutions, while taking ownership of the process.
  • Help shape our data infrastructure, reporting and analytics platforms

  • 8+ years in the field of data science, data discovery and machine learning.
  • Strong math background
  • Familiarity with a variety of machine learning techniques and statistical methods
  • Proficiency with machine learning techniques
  • Strong DB skills are a must, should be very strong with SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Proficient in Hadoop, Map/Reduce, Pig, Scala, Hive
  • Experience with designing and building large scale data pipelines at large scale
  • Extensive Linux systems/shell programming experience
  • Expertise in distributed/scalable systems and algorithms with awareness of time and space complexity
  • Experience with handling and mining geospatial data
  • Master's degree in Computer Science or equivalent