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FiscalNote makes it easy for organizations to track and analyze complex legislative, regulatory, and policy matters by leveraging machine learning and cutting-edge engineering to connect professionals to the issues they care about.

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Location: Washington, DC or New York, NY

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FiscalNote makes it easy for organizations to track and analyze complex legislative, regulatory, and policy matters by leveraging machine learning and cutting-edge engineering to connect professionals to the issues they care about, instantaneously analyze relevant laws, and reduce political risk by fostering a transparent political and legal system.

Originally launched from Silicon Valley motel rooms in June 2013, FiscalNote's team has expanded quickly. During the past 2 years, FiscalNote's vision attracted high-profile investors, resulting in fundraising rounds of $18+ million. Now 80+ employees working in DC and NYC are building beautiful products for a growing list of customers.

About the Position
At the core of our advanced analytics are our data scientists -- designing, implementing, and deploying innovative solutions to a wide range of problems, such as predicting government action, analyzing the impact of regulatory documents, extracting patterns from web content, and modeling user behavior to personalize content relevance. Because we're always identifying newer and more complex problems, we're on the lookout for data scientists who thrive in environments catering to applicable analysis by day, and shoot-for-the-moon risk taking by night. You'll lead the way in all stages of researching and developing insightful and actionable models and analysis, looking into the future and becoming an internal and external expert.

About You
You're a political scientist with a computational bend, an economist or statistician that yearns for more kinds of data, a machine learning specialist that wants to push the boundaries, or maybe even a physicist or mathematician who's making a transition. In any case, you become uncomfortable when you don't understand something, and choose to relentlessly seek out solutions rather than ever give up. You also play it tight, but loose; setting broad goals, but adapting quickly as circumstances demand. Interested in both theory and application, you're equally comfortable creating a novel model, as well as working with our Engineering team to productionize it. Excited by others' ideas as much as yours, you view collaboration as a catalyst for innovation beyond your wildest dreams.

You Will
  • Lead research, design, and analysis for truly innovative utilization and development of new types of models and data
  • Perform exploratory analysis and prototyping
  • Engage with users to understand pain-points and foresee and drive development to meet those needs
  • Serve as expert and communicate technical expertise internally to both technical and non-technical team members, and externally through talks and publications

You Have
  • 1-5+ years of practical experience in one or more of the following:
    • Machine Learning: deep learning, graphical models, Bayesian modeling, supervised/unsupervised learning, content personalization
    • Natural Language Processing: applications of ML to NLP, information extraction/retrieval, search
    • Computational Social Science: policy/legislative/regulatory analysis, financial analysis

  • BS/Advanced degree in Computer Science/Statistics/Applied Math/Economics/Political Science/Law (or related discipline) preferred
  • Experience working with large structured and unstructured data sets in a distributed framework (preferably Hadoop, Spark, or Storm)
  • An independent motivation to solve problems and conduct research
  • Solid programming skills to quickly prototype, as well as develop, projects into production, preferably in Python
  • Excellent verbal, written, and visualize communication skills

About the Research Team
Our Research Team is tasked to dig deep into interesting, complex, and oftentimes noisy data and come up with valuable insights that not only describe the way the world is now, but predict what it will look like in the future. It aims to fundamentally alter the way people and organizations across industries make decisions by leveraging machine learning and natural language processing to provide real-time analysis and information that reduces political uncertainty and creates a more transparent legal system. Our platforms analyze unstructured data relating to policy and government action in the legislative and regulatory space in order to delight our customers with an unprecedented level of data-based descriptive and predictive analysis.

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