Geisinger: High Perf Computing Data Svc Admin

Use Linux to deploy, manage, and maintain tools related to informatics and to assist with management of an HPC cluster. Responsible for managing REDCap, i2b2, and SAS deployments.

Geisinger At: Geisinger
Location: Danville, PA

Geisinger Health System's High-Performance Computing (HPC) Data Services Administrator will utilize Linux to deploy, manage, and maintain tools related to informatics and to assist with management of an HPC cluster. Responsible for managing REDCap, i2b2, and SAS deployments.

HPC, a component of Geisinger's Institute for Advanced Applications, is an active research and development team responsible for delivering advanced, distributed, or experimental services to researchers and staff. The department responds to requests for distributed applications development, high-performance computing workloads, infrastructural development, and scaling. HPC also interacts with clinicians and operational staff to define, prototype, and deploy solutions to challenges in data access, integration, visualization, or analysis

Reports to the High Performance Computing Programmer - Senior

Major duties and responsibilities:

Manages accounts and user privileges, responds to requests, maintains documentation of the platforms, and integrates these and other tools into other services and products hosted from the HPC center.

Assists with general cluster management functions for the HPC cluster and environment.

Administers Linux servers; deploys software, collaborates with enterprise Information Technology staff to deliver scalable solutions, and integrates systems and software into centralized HPC management resources.

Responsible for actively investigating and implementing data models, compiling data dictionaries, and providing assistance to users wishing to utilize the platforms.

Interacts with various enterprise specialists, from research users, to IT support staff, to compliance and security analysts, in order to evaluate and profile usage from several perspectives.

The data services administrator will have duties including, but not necessarily limited to, the following:
  • Manage RDBMS systems, notably MySQL
  • Assist users with accessing data from i2b2 and REDCap platforms, including writing SQL quries
  • Manage user accounts and privileges, both on individual products and operating system (Linux)
  • Review consumption of i2b2, SAS, and REDCap platforms to ensure usage policies are followed
  • Communicate with stakeholders from various domains: research, compliance, IT, security

Competencies and skills:
  • Proficiency with Linux shell
  • Knowledge of Linux server management: installation (e.g., MySQL, httpd/apache2) from both packages and source, POSIX permissions, general system administration
  • Familiarity of LDAP authentication, role management, querying
  • Knowledge of basic networking, knowledge of diagnostic tools for Linux network interfaces, ability to define firewall rules
  • Knowledge of SQL and management of RDBMS servers, particularly MySQL
  • Solid programming background; C/C++, RUST, NIM, or other backend technologies
  • Experience with scientific computing libraries
  • General fluency in Linux management; regex, AWK, piping, etc
  • Experience with SAS, RedCap, or i2b2 administration
  • Apache web server administration or general web development
  • Low-level data management and integration

Education and experience:
  • Bachelor's required, M.S. in Computer Science or similar field preferred.
  • A minimum of 3 years of general Linux systems administration experience required

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