FirstFuel Software: Data Scientists, Senior/Junior positions

Developing and deploying the core statistical/machine learning algorithms with the Research group; coding these algorithms in production quality software with the engineering team.

FirstFuel Software At: FirstFuel Software
Location: Waltham, MA

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Main responsibilities include:
  • developing and deploying the core statistical and machine learning algorithms with the Data Scientists in the Research group;
  • coding these algorithms in production quality software with the engineering team;
  • work in close collaboration with the engineering and building science teams in running production models and interpreting the results;
  • mine industrial-size data sets in various states of cleanliness to gain insight on underlying patterns;
  • design the optimum architecture to run a heterogeneous model development environment;
  • automation and scaling of model building process;
  • deploying and monitoring model performance and initiate continuous model quality improvements;
  • help develop next generation products and solutions.

Work will require effective cooperation with local and global teams. This position is not expected to involve significant (greater than 15%) travel.


  • Advanced degree (MS required, Ph.D. strongly preferred) in a quantitative field e.g., Operations Research, Computer Science, Statistics, or similar.
  • 5+ years developing models in Matlab®, R, Python, or similar in a commercial or research setting.
  • Machine Learning expertise with a strong preference towards Optimization techniques. Strong production modeling or publication record (Kaggle entries acceptable).
  • 5+ years of strong programming skills with extensive experience in Python, R or Java. Must have coded extensively and be prepared to demonstrate examples.
  • Must have developed and deployed advanced algorithms and statistical models with "real life" data.
  • Deep knowledge of breadth of machine learning, dynamic programming, operations research, statistical pattern recognition, signal processing or similar analytic areas.
  • Passion for energy and clean technologies.

  • Proficiency in one or more of Unix shell scripting, Ruby, Perl, C++, Python.
  • Cloud platform programming experience (e.g., Amazon Web Services).
  • Work experience in a startup or small technology driven company.
  • Ability to develop successful grant proposals.
  • Strong public speaking and written communication skills.

The Data Scientist will join a top-flight R&D team with decades of deep academic and industry experience. As part of an industry-leading Venture-backed startup on a rapid growth path, s/he will be expected to juggle multiple responsibilities: s/he will be equally comfortable in developing state of the art statistical and Machine Learning algorithms as well as deploying them using the best practices of software engineering applied to a scalable, secure, cloud-based architecture. S/he must have the ability to switch contexts rapidly between Research literature search, rapid prototyping and testing and deployment. Finally, s/he will be both a self-starter and a consummate team player.