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NewsWhip (Dublin): Java Machine Learning Engineer

Work on developing new algorithms and approaches that will harness our technology and surface the most relevant stories and events to our clients every day.

NewsWhip At: NewsWhip
Location: Dublin, Ireland

NewsWhip is looking for a Machine Learning Java Engineer to join our Dublin city-centre based team. As part of our Machine Intelligence team, you'll work on developing new algorithms and approaches that will harness our technology and surface the most relevant stories and events to our clients every day.

Email a resume and one-page cover letter to our Head of Machine Intelligence, Bojan via, subject line: Machine Learning Application.

About NewsWhip

NewsWhip's ambition is to be the defining technology and brand for showing what stories and events matter each day, in every language and category of content.
  • Our technology mines signals from social networks that reveal the stories the world cares about in real time.
  • We deal with data gathered from millions of stories produced each day.
  • We employ text mining, NLP, IR, and machine learning algorithms to bring a new layer of intelligence to NewsWhip's platform.
  • Our R&D efforts deal with information extraction, text categorization, user profiling and personalisation, deep learning, linked data, as well as language semantics and statistical models.
  • In our technology stack we are using both standardised libraries and those from the current state-of-the-art research. We are constantly striving to make the the system more intelligent so our customers are always ahead of the world's important events.

The NewsWhip Product Team

The experience you'll get building world class technology with a rapidly growing startup is second to none. We think deeply about our business and industry and make dozens of decisions on design, priorities, sales, and marketing every day. Our customers are cutting edge media brands including the BBC, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, CNN and hundreds of others.

You'll be coding and building, and also have input on decisions on how our platform operates, what we can do, and how we can push out the limits of what NewsWhip's technology is capable of. In turn, you'll be helping media companies old and new adapt to the realities of digital distribution.

You will be part of our Machine Intelligence team and work with Bojan, our machine learning researcher and university professor, and also you will work closely with our Engineering team. You will be given freedom to implement your own solutions and see the fruit of your labour. Results of your work will span on all sections of our platform.

NewsWhip Ethos

We believe in maintaining a friendly work environment, a healthy work-life balance, and compensating our employees fairly for their input. You'll be part of a team that believes in mutual support and education, and for a company where a work week isn't just the gap between weekends, but an opportunity to do work that is impactful and innovative.

We also love eating and socialising together and enjoy a delicious lunch out together on Fridays, annual and seasonal company and team retreats, periodic visits to our sales and marketing team in New York, healthy and unhealthy snacks and other perks.


The Must-Haves:
  • BA/BS in Computer Science or similar course
  • MA or PhD with machine learning/text mining/NLP focus
  • Excellent Java skills
  • Strong mathematical skills and knowledge of statistical methods
  • Proficiency in scripting with Python or R
  • Strong & demonstrable problem-solving ability
  • Comfortable with self-management and on-the-job learning

  • Text categorization and Topic modeling
  • Performance prediction, Time series forecasting, Anomaly detection
  • Recommender systems and User profiling
  • Information extraction - Named Entity Recognition and Keyphrases extraction
  • Neural networks and Deep learning architectures
  • Experience in SQL and NoSQL database


We will offer a salary which is competitive with what you'd earn working at a large firm, and you will be eligible for the NewsWhip Employee Stock Option Plan, giving you a slice of the upside when our global domination plan finally pays off. Details available on application.

How do I apply?

Please send a resume and one-page cover letter to our Head of Machine Intelligence, Bojan via , subject line: Machine Learning Application.

All applications will be treated with strict confidentiality.

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