InVenture: Data Scientist

Seeking a Data Scientist with 3+ years in Data Science or a related field, who is excited about tackling Financial Inclusion, one of the world's largest challenges.

Company: InVenture
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Position: Data Scientist

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We’re looking for an experienced Data Scientist who has 3+ years in Data Science or a related field who is excited about tackling one of the world's largest challenges: Financial Inclusion.

InVenture is a world leader in providing direct loans and financial services in emerging markets. We are a global team with diverse backgrounds who are singularly focused on using technology, data and customer-centric approach to meet the financial needs of the 2+ billion people of the emerging global middle class.


  • Take it from people who have built models and studied problems ranging from microfinance to global climate change: we are tackling an incredibly hard problem with huge social and financial impact. The impact of our models is both intimidating and inspiring. You will be an integral part of the team tackling these challenges.
  • We leverage a unique, diverse, and deep data set. You’ll be surprised by what connections we’ve found between our different data sources. You will be finding these surprising connections and communicating to the team as well as integrating them in the models.
  • You will own a model, or multiple models, whether building a country-level credit model from scratch, or integrating new data sources into our existing underwriting models.


  • Problem solver. You thrive on finding novel solutions to hard problems. These problems may have ranged from extracting a new dataset from an unexpected source, to building cohorts for customer retention analysis, or the NY Times Saturday crossword.
  • Expert. You have domain expertise. Tell us about the genetic algorithm you implemented to find a solution to your NP-hard problem, or the hobby that keeps you busy on nights and weekends.
  • Curious. You aren’t content until you understand why the features you have built have the explanatory power they do, and why they aren’t just a spurious correlation.
  • Opinionated. We are looking for someone to add diversity of thought to our current ensemble of data scientists.
  • Communicator and Listener. You are an expert in your field. Can you explain it to others in laymen’s terms? Can you collaborate well with our experts in growth/portfolio/customer experience?
  • Fluent in one or more languages. You may not know how a hash table is implemented, but you know when to use one as opposed to an array. We are language agnostic and have expertise in python, R, Spark, MATLAB, and d3.


  • 3+ years of experience in a data science role or equivalent position
  • A Masters or PhD in a quantitative field


  • Experience in building fraud and/or credit models
  • Expertise in NLP, network analysis, or geospatial analysis


InVenture builds mobile products that help creditworthy individuals in emerging markets validate their financial identities and get access to fair credit to advance their businesses and families. Using a simple Android device, we are able to determine an individual’s financial ability and send and receive all funds instantly via mobile money… and our customers love it! You can see our flagship app in the Kenyan Google Play store and some customer testimonials here:

InVenture is backed by Data Collective (DCVC), Lowercase Capital (Chris Sacca), Google Ventures, Collaborative Fund and other leading venture & impact investors. Fast Company ranked InVenture as the World’s Most Innovative Money Company in 2015 and our work has been highlighted by Wired UK, Forbes, the Economist, Vodafone, TED and many others.