8451: Scientific Developer

Seeking a Scientific Developer with a unique mix of a computer and data science necessary to create computationally efficient software implementations of scientifically complex algorithms from, for example, statistics, machine learning, and optimization.

8451Company: 8451
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Web: www.8451.com
Position: Scientific Developer

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Who We Are

In a digital economy data is the 21st century gold rush. Imagine working for a Big Data company with 10 Petabytes of data at your fingertips. A company where Analysts and Scientists derive insights from 35+ Terabytes of new data every week.

84.51° is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Kroger Company. Our data is sourced from consumer transactions and behavior across 24 banners, 38 states and 62 Million households. We are the research, development and innovation arm of the Nation’s second largest retailer.


We are a community of analysts – we are researchers in search of the customer story. We are the voice of the customer. Customers share their story with us each and every day, and it is our job to tell their story. Our Analysis team is known for solving client and customer problems, employing the most appropriate statistical and mathematical analytic approaches.

We expect all analysts to be hands on with respects to the analysis of a retailer database, using the full suite of 84.51° technical tools – SAS, SQL, R, Excel, and other specific internal tools – to create timely, relevant, and actionable insights.

General Description

Requires a unique mix of a computer and data science necessary to create computationally efficient software implementations of scientifically complex algorithms from, for example, statistics, machine learning, and optimization. Unique ability to integrate all aspects of data and algorithms to provide solutions that will scale to huge, complex, and diverse data sets.


  • Apply state-of-the art scientific methods and algorithms to solve problems in the retail and manufacturer/supplier domains.
  • Lead the implementation of the scientific software components of solutions that arise in customer science, retail, supply chain, and manufacturing.
  • Perform software design, prototyping, implementation and testing of scientific code to extend 8451’s capabilities

Key Responsibilities

  • Discover, create, design, prototype, and lead the implementations of new algorithms.
  • Solution lifecycle, ranging from discovery, requirements specification, solution specification, and implementation of production quality scientific software.
  • Work with the Science team to create new and improved methods of solution and to define new initiatives that will advance 8451’s strategic objectives.
  • Work with the Development and Product teams to implement new algorithms as components of the Science Library and commercial products throughout the company.
  • Optimize the interface between databases, both traditional and custom, and complex analytics that must run efficiently over vast quantities of data.
  • Develop mathematical models for classification, prediction, and optimization.
  • Develop creative methods to address new and complex problems.
  • Perform data analysis as required by client projects.

Qualifications and Preferred Skills

Specific required skills include:

  • C++ and C development expertise.
  • Experience with low-level code optimization in a Unix/Linux environment.
  • Experience with multi-threaded programming.
  • Ability to create computationally efficient solutions, applying techniques from statistics, machine learning, and optimization (continuous or discrete).
  • Good working knowledge of databases, including SQL, relational and non-relational data models.
  • Strong academic background in mathematics and statistics.
  • Experience with Big Data concepts, tools and architecture.
  • Experience in crafting and delivering to requirement specifications
  • Experience working in a rigorous source control / software testing environment
  • Ability to prototype solutions – using eg. R, SAS or MatLab to facilitate testing of algorithms on large data sets.
  • Passionate about data, analysis and insights.
  • Strong creative problem solving skills.
  • Natural curiousity.
  • Embraces change.
  • Ability to work fast yet accurately
  • An openness and willingness to try new things and to fail.

Specific desired skills and experience include:

  • Application of machine learning techniques to classification, prediction, forecasting, and clustering
  • Experience designing and implementing optimization solutions.
  • Experience with demand models and forecasting.
  • Experience in formulating solving discrete, continuous, and stochastic optimization problems.
  • Sufficient statistical background to design test/control measurements and familiarity with clustering methods.
  • Experience in the .NET development environment.
  • Experience with the retail industry or market sciences will be a plus.
  • Exposure to visualization of large complex data sets will be a plus.


The successful candidate will have an advanced degree in computer science or computer engineering or related subject; and/or extensive work or other experience demonstrating expertise utilizing these skills. Alternative education with extensive experience demonstrating expertise will be considered.