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Magpie Health Analytics: Health Data Scientist

Looking for experienced health data scientists to create innovative solutions in collaboration with our clients to improve the business processes of, experience of, outcomes, quality, and costs of health care.

Magpie Health Analytics At: Magpie Health Analytics
Location: Saint Petersburg, FL or Telecommute

To apply, email a copy of your resume to: [email protected]


Position Purpose (Your Challenge):

Are you ready to help healthcare organization use analytics to make decisions? We are looking for experienced health data scientists to create innovative solutions in collaboration with our clients who are on the front lines trying to improve the business processes of, experience of, outcomes, quality, and costs of health care.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities (Your Responsibilities):
Our clients include commercial payers, government payers, providers, hospitals, and other healthcare vendors. Your primary responsibility is to design and build in collaboration with our clients the analytic engine that addresses their objective. You will work in collaboration with project managers, data analysts, ETL developers, and front-end developers as appropriate to ensure the successful implementation of the solution you designed. Opportunities include developing new methods, evaluations, models, reports, dashboards, applications, and products.
  • Use domain expertise and experience to identify new opportunities & projects
  • Act as the primary intellectual lead working as part of a project team
  • Write programs to extract, clean, and format data
  • Construct datasets and prepare data files including creation of new variables for use in reporting and analysis
  • Develop and apply the appropriate experimental designs
  • Perform statistical analysis and data mining
  • Produce visual explanations including charts, graphs, and tables
  • Writing small briefings or reports describing findings
  • Design and create dashboards, scorecards, and other visual explanations
  • Give presentations to clients from a variety of technical backgrounds including leaders who want to know the facts and opportunity to other scientist who want to understand the methods used to produce the results.
Educational Requirements:
A bachelor degree, masters preferred, with significant training in:
  • Statistics, machine learning, econometrics, applied mathematics, or other quantitative subject matter
  • Research methods and design especially quasi-experimental and/or observational approaches
A minimum of 2 years of experience in a data science or similar role in healthcare:
  • Data management including extract, transform, & load processes; data cleaning & standardization, data mapping, and automation
  • Experience applying business rules and transactional rules to medical claims, pharmacy claims, enrollment, and provider data to make it analytically ready
  • Descriptive analysis and reporting including the identification, development, and maintenance of key performance indicators and business rules
  • Predictive modeling and machine learning to identify future probabilities and trends, make recommendations, and find relationships not readily apparent with descriptive analysis
  • Experience with technologies such as SAS, R, Python, SQL databases, NoSQL databases, and/or graph databases. Previous use of Hadoop, Spark, and other big data tools is a plus.
  • Adept at taking advantage of commercial BI tools such as SAS Visual Analytics, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Business Objectives, or open source data visualization tools such as D3.
  • Understanding of risk adjustment and claims groupers used in payment including HCC model, DRG grouper, and Episode groupers
  • Experience with quality of care metrics including STARS, HEDIS, PQA, etc
  • Ability to easily converse and describe how analytics is being used to improve cost, quality, and outcomes in today's market and suggest how analytics might be better used moving forward

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