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Samsung: Senior Data Scientist – Device Insights

The Device Insights Data Scientist will provide insights and recommendations to solve business problems through the analysis of syndicated and customer-specific data. This position is just as much a business role as it is a technical one.

Company: SamsungSamsung
Location: Mountain View, CA, or Dallas, TX
Position: Sr. Data Scientist – Device Insights


The Device Insights Data Scientist will provide insights and recommendations to solve business problems through the analysis of syndicated and customer-specific data. This person will provide a “data-driven approach” to our executives and internal customers to both improve our current operations as well as increase our sales. This position will report to the leader of Device Insights program at US Strategic Analytics Team (USAT).

About US Strategic Analytics Team (USAT): In today’s fast evolving technology world, one aspect remains common – reliance on Data to drive the next wave of innovation. US Strategic Analytics Team (USAT) is Samsung’s Center-of-Excellence that is driving the adoption of data driven decision making and product development across the company. Whether it is developing best-in-class solutions to leverage a 360 degree view of the Customer, generating actionable insights from Social Media in real-time or conducting machine learning techniques on Device-level data, USAT is powering a paradigm change at Samsung and the global industry.

If you are passionate about Data, have the rigor needed to solve billion dollar problems and possess an innate entrepreneurial spirit to get things done, then USAT will give you the wings to fly in this exciting world of Strategic Analytics!

Necessary Skills / Attributes

This position will be responsible to utilize the unique data asset from Device Insights to leverage actual device usage data to solve business critical problems. This would involve defining (with internal clients) the business challenge that needs to be solved, conducting the analysis/modeling/experiment and then providing the “answer” in a clear and business-friendly manner for our clients to take actionable steps.

This position is just as much a business role as it is a technical one.

Synthesis of data assets:

Samsung has a differentiated data set that combines actual device usage behavior with detailed demographic data for panelists under the Device Insights program. Having a full-picture of the evolving data assets is equally important as the judgment to source which data asset to solve which business problem. This will require close co-ordination with teams that handle and manage data within Samsung.


This will be the core work which requires sharp quant skills and can take several forms. Sometimes it’s a few simple calculations to determine which hypotheses we can rule out, or it could be design and analysis of a controlled experiment to understand the impact of our retail or marketing decisions on our business goals, or it could be an advanced model to determine store locations based on varying priorities of rental costs, ROI, product focus and/or target consumer.

Realizing impact:

Completing the analysis is not the end of our work – the final step is to help interpret the results in our business context to understand the “so what?” and advise the internal client/USAT on what this means for them, and how it should inform the decisions they make.

Desired background / mindset / skills: Background:

  • Graduate degree in a quantitative field (e.g., math, computer science, statistics, economics, psychology, physical sciences, etc.) required; Ph.D strongly preferred
  • 5 or more years of professional experience in marketing, trade marketing, product management, sales, retail or related field in a quantitative role- Experience in retail/e-commerce/consumer packaged goods (CPG), Mobile or Consumer electronics industries with a ‘data-driven’ role would be preferred Mindset:
  • Irrepressible intellectual curiosity, boldness, and honesty - Self-starter mentality with the ability to deliver results
  • Ability to draw from disparate sources and bring ‘fresh’ ideas to solve traditional problems
  • Focused on results and their implications (rather than methods/tools/process)
  • Comfortable reprioritizing as situations change to maximize our impact
  • Openness to work with different cultures and working styles Skills:
  • Succinct, proactive communication; translate data analytics into business speak
  • Proven experience in manipulating and analyzing complex, high-volume, high-dimensionality data from varying sources.
  • Proficiency with machine learning and advance analytics techniques for processing large datasets in real-time
  • Experience with analysis in Python, R, SPSS, SAS, StatSoft, RapidMiner, Weka, or other statistical analysis software highly preferred

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