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DMCI: Principal Data Scientist

We’re looking for an experienced Principal Data Scientist excited about using data and psychology to enhance storytelling, understand audiences, and bring out the best in each of us.

Company: DMCI
Location: Anywhere, TelecommuteDMCI
Position: Principal Data Scientist


DMCI. We are a diverse team of directors, designers, animators, producers and creative thinkers who work across a variety of media experiences. We share a love of creativity which brings us together to provide awesome services to the Film, Television, Online and Advertising Industries. We tailor our creative to our clients’ needs and thrive on variety, experimentation and good old-fashioned storytelling. Our work has been screened, awarded and enjoyed at festivals and conferences globally... yet we still know how to keep it real and have fun.

At our core, we aim to INTRIGUE and ENGAGE. And this is where you come in.

We’re looking for an experienced Principal Data Scientist excited about using data and psychology to enhance storytelling, understand audiences, and bring out the best in each of us.

Where: we started local, but act global. So say “g’day” wherever you are, and if you’re somewhere really cool send us a pic.

What you’ll find when you work with us is:

  • Creativity
  • Work with a purpose
  • A fun team

Below is what you’ll be doing on any given day:

  • Experimenting. Our story-telling work is all about feelings, but we’re keen to explore a scientific approach. A large part of your role will be working across our cross-disciplinary team to design experiments and test hypotheses;
  • Learning. There are a lot of tools out there and we don’t expect you to know them all. We’re looking for someone that is keen to use the right tool for the job (and happy to learn it) rather than trying to retro fit a job for the tool;
  • Collaborating. Partnering with other teams to build methodologies, tools and systems that will enhance audience journeys; and
  • Developing. Algorithms, models, programming. All these things.

Congratulations you’ve made it this far, so what about you? 

Our Principal Data Scientist needs to be a strategic thinker that prefers thinking in hypotheses, rather than forgone conclusions. You love understanding a challenge, breaking down the assumptions and figuring out how to test the possible solutions.

Obviously, you’re brilliant. But if you believe Ego = 1 / knowledge and are always keen to seek out & work with those smarter than yourself, you’ll fit right in.

Required Education and Experience

  • PhD (or equivalent experience) in Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering or Statistics;
  • Experience in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Algorithmic Foundations of Optimisation, Data Mining, Causal Inference and/or Machine Intelligence;
  • Experience writing code in any of the following programming languages PHP, Python, Java, C++. Knowledge of SQL would be good.

Other things that would be good

  • Able to do cold-start experimentation and data acquisition;
  • Psychology studies (or degree) would be cool – but not required;
  • Experience (or aptitude for) building a dream data team.

Even More about You:

  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines and are always thinking two steps ahead of everyone else;
  • Not afraid to speak your mind and detail oriented;
  • Crazily curious and keen to tell stories better with data.

Salary. Commensurate with experience.

Get in touch: email with a bit about yourself, what excites you about data and why you want to come play with us.

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