Sainsbury’s: Data Scientist

Join our Data Science and Algorithms team and be at the heart of our exciting mission to discover new opportunities with scientific rigour.

Sainsbury's At: Sainsbury's
Location: London, UK

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You'll become the best Data Scientist you can be at Sainsbury's. As a key member of our brand new Data & Analytics Centre of excellence, you'll be at the heart of our exciting mission to discover new opportunities with scientific rigour. In our Data Science & Algorithms team, you'll have the benefit of advanced ways of working, an enviable AWS technology stack,. You'll select and tune algorithms and quantify performance in a way that's relevant for the business. Working alongside skilled colleagues, from computer scientists to statisticians, from all around the world, you will design experiments and apply statistics to make a real impact.

What might that impact be? you could help to change customer behaviour online, optimise the use of space in our stores or schedule every product from supplier to shelf. Every change you shape will be a change that you can see. And the results will be visible too - to everyone.

We are keen to understand our customers and what they want. So, by considering integrated customer data on purchases, overlaid with third party data on stores, plus affluence in the local area, we've been able to give teams a more data-driven approach to planning what to stock and how to layout a store. Similarly, we gathered data on historic customer transactions online and used machine learning algorithms to predict what would be next in their basket.

This game-changing, bold-thinking, customer-first approach means you won't just enjoy a rewarding job. You'll also benefit from our commitment to continuous learning, development and improvement. After all, that's how we embed innovation. You'll learn a huge amount about an exciting enterprise business, and how a major retail player functions. Crucially, we'll provide training and development with a focus on honing your skills in commercial thinking, and enhancing your ability to have persuasive conversations with internal stakeholders as a trusted consultant. At Sainsbury's, you'll discover how to tell engaging stories, using non-technical language and exciting visualisations, to influence change and put Data Science into use.

To join us you'll need be to be proficient with Python or R. You're also familiar with Design of Experiments, hypothesis testing and how to package your science into prototype algorithms deployed on a Spark/Hadoop stack. Familiarity with project management methodologies and software engineering techniques will make a difference, too. Crucially, you must be curious about data and creative in your thinking. Because your ideas could revolutionise our business.

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