Hoag Hospital: Strategic Analytics Analyst Lead

Seeking a Strategic Analytics Analyst Lead to partner with internal and external clients to deliver data driven insights that support decision making throughout the organization.

Company: Hoag HospitalHoag Hospital
Location: Newport Beach, CA
Web: www.hoag.org
Position: Strategic Analytics Analyst Lead

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Job Summary:

The Strategic Analytics Data Analyst I, II and Lead partners with internal and external clients to deliver data driven insights that support decision making throughout the organization.  The analyst teams define, develop and implement work related to data sourcing, availability, usage and application, to promote the availability and quality of data throughout the organization, and conduct analysis of data to support strategic decision making.

Essential Functions

  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to understand the client’s business situation and develop data driven insights that can be understood and implemented.
  • Works as part of a team of analysts to ensure all aspects of data value chain are met.
  • Incorporate broad knowledge to address complex, unusual, and critical issues; not intimidated to find new and innovative ways to solve complex challenges.
  • Prioritize and monitor project progress against goals.
  • May be involved in any and all aspects of the data value chain:
  • Data Sourcing: Includes identification and procurement of data sources, facilitation of data capture
  • Data Availability: Includes ETL processes, data warehouse management, data governance, technology
  • Data Usage: Includes report writing, dashboard creation and analytics
  • Data Application: Incudes education and communication
  • Oversees team of analysts to deliver data driven insights for the organization.

Data Sourcing:

  • Works with internal and external clients to bring data into the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).
  • Identifies opportunities for new data sources to be added to the EDW.
  • Works with internal and external clients to improve and automate data capture processes.
  • Develops and maintains documentation related to data sources.
  • Maintains EDW to ensure availability of data assets for the organization.

Data Availability

  • Translates user data requirements into source to target mapping specifications and into Informatica ETL logic to support EDW.
  • Implements system improvements, configuration changes, test patches / upgrades and creates / modifies new programs to support business strategies for EDW and ETL processes.
  • Performs unit and support system testing, to ensure availability of reports and dashboards to end users.
  • Support the Data Governance program,
  • Serves as a resource to and bridge between data analysts and other data users throughout the organization to enhance data availability and quality.  Collaborate with IT, Finance, Performance Improvement and other departments as required to identify and resolve data issues, and to ensure data and processes are accurate and consistent across the organization and applications.
  • Maintain documentation related to Data Governance.
  • Develop communications related to Data Governance initiatives, including reports and presentations to the senior leadership.
  • Establish and manage the Data Governance intranet site, including program updates and request workflow.
  • Designs system improvements, configuration changes, test patches / upgrades and creates / modifies new programs to support business strategies for EDW and ETL processes.
  • Designs and develops data warehousing concepts and strategies to support business needs, for example the ‘Groomed Layer’.
  • Strategize and architect Master Data Management and metadata implementations.
  • Manage cross team work group efforts towards coordinated implementation of complex Data Governance projects.
  • Facilitate and lead the data governance committee and provide oversight for the governance model, roles and responsibilities of the committee members.
  • Develop, implement, coordinate and maintain the Data Governance program, with a focus on the establishment of standards for, and work processes to achieve, levels of accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness and availability for key data elements and organizational indicators.
  • Define and enforce policies around Data Governance to ensure consistency & integrity of data and analytics.
  • Prepare work plans, estimates and staffing needs for execution of Data Governance program.
  • Evaluate, recommend, contract for and administer Data Governance technologies and operations.  Maximize adoption and use of Data Governance technologies.

Data Usage

  • Works closely with all levels of end-users to gather, document and develop reports, dashboards and analytics, including recommending options.
  • Creates test plans to validate design and data analysis, and is able to diagnose and resolve complex problems.
  • Maintains knowledge of core organizational source systems and data schemas.
  • Analyzes output to ensure results meet business requirements / objectives and trouble shoots gaps & deficiencies.
  • Working with internal and external data sets, integrate financial, operational and clinical data to develop reports, dashboards and advanced analytical models.
  • Supports regulatory reporting requirements for the organization
  • Supports development of meaningful metrics
  • Defines, designs and develops business intelligence concepts and strategies to provide comprehensive analysis of data, reports, dashboards and scorecards.
  • Identify opportunities and develops forecasts, statistical models, segmentation schemes, predictive models and other data-driven analyses for the organization.
  • Manages flow of requests and allocates work among team to meet customer needs.

Data Application

  • Works with cross-functional analysts to convert data into business narratives for relevant business areas & senior leadership.
  • Conveys findings from complex analytics to others across the organization.
  • Provide education and training to expand the effective use of data across the organization
  • Designs, develops and implements education and training to expand the effective use of data across the organization

Job Behavioral Competencies


  • Uses communication and positive team work skills to maintain successful working relationships throughout the organization. Listens effectively, builds strong relationships, maintains good rapport, and openly shares best practices, tools and expertise.
  • Treats others with respect and values their input and opinions.
  • Takes ownership of department success and goal achievement.  Encourages others to be proactive and have a positive attitude.  Recognizes when team members need help and willingly assists others.
  • Promotes patient, physician and employee satisfaction by uncovering customer needs through open-ended questions, clarifying expectations and anticipating the need for resolution.  Follows up by communicating with customers in a timely manner, even if the issue is not resolved.
  • Treats all visitors, internal staff and external clients with Hoag’s core values by demonstrating excellence, respect, integrity, patient centeredness and community benefit.
  • Focuses on team goals, participation and initiatives rather than on self-accomplishments to achieve expected outcomes of projects and tasks.
  • Works with business partners to align technology solutions with business strategies and maintains a strong customer-centric approach to providing services.  Communicates with customers in a timely manner, even when issues are not resolved.
  • Demonstrate ingenuity, self-reliance and resourcefulness.  Able to take needed action without direct instructions.
  • Creates a climate in which people want to work to do their best; inspires and motivates staff to achieve Hoag’s goals.
  • Pushes task and decisions down; empowers others; invites input from each person and shares ownership and visibility; encourages teamwork, collaboration and learning.
  • Establish clear responsibilities and expectation for employees; set goals, hold employees accountable and provide proper coaching and development.
  • Maintain effective communication skill when giving feedback to improve performance; deal swiftly with performance issues.
  • Create training plans that align with organization goals and individual career progression objectives.
  • Mentor others on best practices

Financial Stewardship

  • Manages individual scope of work including assigned tasks and activities in a timely manner and within budget to utilize hospital resources appropriately. Recognizes the opportunity to decrease the total cost of care by enabling operational efficiencies, eliminating duplication and mitigating errors.
  • Demonstrates ingenuity, self-reliance and resourcefulness.  Able to take needed action without direct instructions.
  • Ensures identified solutions are implemented effectively, on time and within budget.  If identified solution falters, analyzes the problem, mitigates risks, updates execution plan and clearly explains the rationale behind the change and recommended course of action.
  • Identifies opportunities for cost savings appropriate to the department and organization and participates in implementing action plans that reduce costs.
  • Introduce innovative ways to reduce costs.
  • Manage relationship with outside resource vendors as needed.

Quality and Service

  • Provides exceptional quality service and support to client groups. Follows through on commitments to customers and peers across the organization.
  • Tailors solutions to meet the customers’ unique needs within the framework of departmental standards, policies and practices.  Openly accepts customer feedback.  Responds to customer requests in a timely manner.  Works to eliminate barriers that interfere with providing outstanding customer service.
  • Sets and maintains a constant pace with a sense of urgency, both as an individual contributor and as part of a team without compromising quality.  Manages time to maintain productivity, reorganizes work activities when setbacks or changes in priorities are encountered and takes ownership of responsibilities and goals.
  • Identifies and implements methods to continuously improve processes and outcomes.
  • Adheres to all patient care, departmental standards, policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements on a continual basis.
  • Recognizes that errors are an inevitable part of any job, takes action to correct behavior to prevent reoccurrence of the error, and shares the event with other team members as a learning opportunity to prevent others from making the same error.
  • Able to effectively work on multiple concurrent work streams.
  • Establishes clear objectives and measurements, monitors progress and results related to department goals and organizational initiatives. Utilizes industry standards and benchmarks to measure quality, quantity and customer satisfaction.
  • Oversees the maintenance, support, and upgrade of existing systems and applications.
  • Ensures staff compliance with the processes, policies, procedures, technical documentation and other documentation as appropriate. Provide quality service and support to patients and/or client groups.  Demonstrate a positive image and perform responsibilities in a professional manner.  Ensure that all information and services provided are accurate, meet the client’s needs, and are available in a timely manner.

Strategic Growth

  • Recognizes that healthcare is a dynamic environment and continuously demonstrates flexibility during times of change. Willingly supports changes needed to advance the department or organization.  Redirects course to adapt to changes in business strategies and goals.   Effectively copes with change, handles risk and uncertainty by remaining calm, keeping emotions in check and redirecting workload.  Proactively tries new approaches to problem solving. Views change as an opportunity to develop professionally.
  • Maintains an understanding of healthcare environment and the impact on their position, department and organization.
  • Continuously increases knowledge of industry trends and best practices by utilizing journals, publications, textbooks, seminars and training programs as appropriate to enhance personal skills and expertise.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of products and services for business line and industry.
  • Set future goals and objectives based on understanding of market, patient needs, and industry trends. Accurately scope out the impact, length and difficulty of future strategies and clearly articulate strategic intent to gain support among management and employees.
  • Communicate strategic direction to staff.

Physician Partnership

  • Seeks feedback from healthcare professionals and staff on process improvement and incorporates appropriate changes that are aligned with the organizations objectives and values.
  • Presents clinicians with dynamic solutions and tools to assist in treatment planning, disease management and quality improvement so that they may deliver the most effective and efficient care.
  • Develops strong collaborative working relationships with key physicians, allied health staff and members of cross-functional advisory groups and design teams.
  • Provides on-going support ensuring physician issues and feedback are documented for research, analysis and prioritization.
  • Partners with physicians to achieve the best solutions for the patient.
  • Coordinates feedback for end users with respect to systems design and opportunities for improvements, including ensuring alignment with organizational objectives and goals while adhering to system design policies, procedures and standards.
  • Responsible for developing strong collaborative working relationships with healthcare professionals and staff as well as members of advisory groups and design teams.

Community Benefit and Philanthropy:

  • Supports the delivery and availability of tools to facilitate the services Hoag provides through our community programs.
  • Ensures all patients receive the same standard of care in accordance with the hospital’s mission and values.
  • Acts as an ambassador for the hospital by promoting Hoag Hospital’s products and services.

Hospital/Department Policies

  • Comply with annual health evaluation.
  • Attend required department and hospital meetings.
  • Maintain certifications per hospital policy.
  • Maintain current license, certification, and registration (as applicable).
  • Complete annual house-wide mandatories per hospital/department requirements.
  • Complete competencies per department requirements.
  • Perform job within hospital/patient safety standards (e.g. codes, fire, disaster, etc)
  • Perform job in a safe manner to avoid injury to self and others.
  • Maintain a personal dress standard in keeping with hospital/department policy and wear approved name badge.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and practice hospital and department policies and operating procedures.  This knowledge may include the use of specialized instrumentation, Quality Control requirements and preventative maintenance.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and practices the standards outlined in Hoag’s Code of Conduct as well as additional regulatory or compliance policies applicable to their job responsibilities. Take timely action in response to any matter which raises a suspicion that there is a violation of law or Hoag Policy has occurred.

Job Qualifications

Education, Training and Experience:


  • Master’s Degree in Data Science or related field, or equivalent experience
  • Minimum of 5 years working with DW / BI / analytic tools


  • Experience working in an acute care hospital setting
  • Skills or Other Qualifications


  • Exceptional quantitative, analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills; ability to develop solutions to problems independently and as part of a team.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; customer focused; excellent attention to detail; able to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines; strong interpersonal skills; able to work in a team environment.
  • Able to be self-directed and work with minimal supervision.
  • Strong skills in:
    • SQL
    • MS Office
    • Database modeling & data warehousing techniques
  • Strong skills in at least 2 of, and experience with all of:
    • Crystal Reports / SSRS
    • BI tools (QlikView / Tableau)
    • Statistical Analysis
    • IBM InfoServer / Data Governance
    • Informatica ETL
    • Strong understanding of project management requirements, quality assurance and change management processes
    • Ability to multi-task; to work on multiple projects at a time and maintain accuracy despite interruptions
    • Ability to integrate clinical and business information to facilitate decision making at the highest levels
    • Able to cultivate strong working relationships with business executives and physicians.
    • Strong leader able to manage team of analysts to deliver results.


  • Ability to perform advanced statistical analyses, including familiarity with analytical tools (R, SAS, python, etc.)
  • Experience with additional database design concepts (Hadoop, NoSQL, etc)
  • Experience in data governance and knowledge of data management principles

License and Certifications

Required: N/A
Preferred: N/A