Sainsbury’s: Sr. Data Scientist

Seeking a Senior Data Scientist to assist in predicting customer behaviour, scheduling driver deliveries and optimising store space. These are a small selection of the breadth and complexity of problems we solve in the Data Science & Algorithms team.

Company: Sainsbury'sSainsbury's
Location: London, UK
Position: Sr. Data Scientist

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Leading the way on game-changing data science projects, you’ll enjoy incredible variety and scope to make a lasting impact at Sainsbury’s. Based in the brand new Data & Analytics Centre of Excellence, our dedicated central Data Science & Algorithms team sit alongside experts in analytics, reporting, engineering and information management - providing all the resources and support needed to turn big ideas into bold solutions.

As a Senior Data Scientist, you’ll lead a small team working closely with internal customers from across the business. This is a growing function, with a queue of customers and plenty to build. Working closely with the customer, you will be the face of the project. You’ll help them to understand what we can offer, run workshops to tease out the business objective, and transform it into a scientific problem with a set of experiments or hypotheses to test. It’s all about gathering relevant data; exploring ways to identify meaningful patterns or verify the reality of a hypothesis; then working with an engineering team to turn your findings into a data driven software product.

You could help to change customer behaviour online, optimise the use of space in our stores or schedule every touch point for every product from supplier to shelf. Every change you shape will be a change that is visible to everyone.

Highly driven and proactive, you’ll have multiple projects on the go at any given moment. Crucially, you’ll make sure the team takes a proper data science approach to the work. We’ll look to you to design experiments that really test for statistical significance, and to rigorously design and test ideas and data. You’ll establish the need for test and control groups, determine the range of inputs to the algorithm, quantify what does and doesn’t work, and test it all for significance. As well as solution design and review, you’ll focus strongly on stakeholder management. The relationships you build and the solutions you communicate will underpin exciting changes.

Along the way, you’ll have the benefit of advanced ways of working, including an enviable technology stack as we move onto a Cloud infrastructure. You will learn from a diverse team of colleagues with advanced degrees and backgrounds in mathematics, marketing, computer science, engineering, and even biomedicine to name a few. You will have the potential to develop and hone skills in selling new work, take ownership of relationships with specific areas of the business, and attend conferences and training.

To be equal to the challenge, you’ll need be to be proficient with Python or R. We’ll expect a demonstrable ability to own and run data science deliverables. You’ll bring to the role proven expertise in Design of Experiments, hypothesis testing and how to package your science into prototype algorithms deployed on a Spark/Hadoop stack. Familiarity with software engineering techniques will make a difference, too. Curious about data and creative in your thinking, you are also an exceptional communicator. It’s vital that you have a flair for storytelling and visualisation, which enables you to distil sometimes complex mathematics into clean, beautiful visuals and communicate it all to the customer. Because your ideas will revolutionise our business.