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Vanguard: Principal Data Scientist

Seeking a Principal Data Scientist to conduct quantitative research to provide insight into client needs and behavior, identify clients with growth opportunity, segment clients for targeted treatment, and create service and product propensity indicators and scores.

At: Vanguard
Location: Malvern, PAVanguard
Position: Principal Data Scientist

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To conduct quantitative research to provide insight into client needs and behavior, identify clients with growth opportunity, segment clients for targeted treatment, and create service and product propensity indicators and scores. Engages in thoughtful analytic design to ensure relevant findings. Ensures application of quality controls throughout projects.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Leads and oversees the planning, design and execution of top-quality analytic programs in the area of investor behavior and decision-making, including project/research design, data collection, analytical modeling, and development of insights. Applies research process to the design of natural and controlled field experiments, with an emphasis on scientific approach to program evaluation.
  2. Engages with project sponsors and stakeholders to understand business questions. Probes for hidden questions and goals. Brings structure to each request and translates requirements into an analytic approach.
  3. Identifies appropriate analytics strategy approaches for a given project, with a particular emphasis on: understanding commonly-accepted best research practices and experimental methods; keeping abreast of state-of-art data sources, suppliers and research software; developing and maintaining a deep understanding of advanced analytical and statistical methods, as well as evolving economic and financial theory.
  4. Leads execution of large scale, more complex analytics projects. Acquires structured and unstructured data and prepares it for analysis. Investigates, extracts, cleans, transforms, QCs and manages data using SQL and Base SAS programming techniques. Identifies and diagnoses data inconsistencies and errors, forages to fill data gaps and blazes new data trails.
  5. Analyzes data to describe client behavior and preferences, understand channel usage, diagnose client experience problems, size marketing opportunity, target clients for treatment and measure the impact of marketing and servicing initiatives. Identifies and utilizes appropriate analytic methods and specialized tools to generate insights, answer the business questions and fulfill project objectives. Seeks out innovative approaches and techniques.
  6. Keeps abreast of new analytics ideas, approaches, and tools being developed outside of Vanguard. Actively researches and tests new ideas, bringing innovation into Vanguard. Educates and coaches analysts and business leaders to adopt innovation in analytics.
  7. Prepares and delivers presentations on insights and provides recommendations for action. Communicates complex material in layman’s terms. Guide business partners on the interpretation, implications and use of analytic results. Consults on statistical problems (test design, significance testing, confidence intervals, weighting).
  8. Consults on the application of analytic insights, findings and techniques to specific business projects or problems across Vanguard.
  9. Contributes to the growth of the analytics community. Mentors and develops junior analysts in the Center for Analytics and Insights and other analytics functions at Vanguard to continue to improve their analytics prowess.
  10. Develops and applies domain knowledge of Vanguard’s businesses and data to shape the analytic road map.
  11. Participates in special projects and performs other duties as assigned.


  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent combination or training and experience required.
  • Master’s degree desirable. PhD or other professional designations a plus.
  • Minimum of eight to ten years’ experience in industry, policy or academic research or related disciplines or work.
  • Experience in Python or R.
  • Proven leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills required.
  • Superior professional writing skills and public speaking skills required.
  • Experience with advanced analytical research approaches required.
  • Excellent project management skills required.
  • Maintains flexibility in meeting deadlines and expectations in the face of shifting priorities.

Vanguard is not offering visa sponsorship for this position.

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