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SocialCops: Sr Data Analyst

SocialCops is seeking a Senior Data Analyst. You'll independently drive data structuring and analysis for our partners or internal product teams' problem statements.

At: SocialCops
Location: New Delhi, IndiaSocial Cops
Position: Sr Data Analyst

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Job Description:

Data may be the new oil, but it takes just as much refining as crude oil. Our data intelligence platform is used by over 150 leaders to make better, data-driven decisions on everything from tracking national programs to pinpointing where to open the next school, health center or even ice cream store. However, garbage in is garbage out! Our platform runs on data, but one of our biggest challenges is the incoming data's lack of structure and internal standard practices around such diverse datasets. It's critical that we move beyond these challenges so we can extract key insights from the data and deliver them to our partners.

As a Senior Data Analyst at SocialCops, you'll independently drive data structuring and analysis for our partners or internal product teams' problem statements. You will also play a key role in scaling internal processes, writing libraries that can be used across projects, and helping scale our deployments. You will find yourself independently leading project deployments and figuring out problem statements. You'll explore and analyze data, set up data pipelines, work on algorithms, and showcase insights using data visualizations, all in close collaboration with our engineering teams. You will be the gatekeeper of our data and help shape how SocialCops helps our partners use data to drive better decisions. 


  • Scope the Problem: Successful analysis can involve anything from building a Bayesian model to choosing the right visualization. Figure out what your user is truly looking for and what analysis will address the user's problems.
  • Explore Data: Use statistical methods to analyze and find trends or correlations in the data.
  • Wrangle Data: Use R and Python to structure data and help maintain automated data streams. Employ internal frameworks or create new frameworks to clean data for any given analysis.
  • Create Data Streams: Use our internal tool to schedule your scripts and keep data flowing regularly into our platform.
  • Write Algorithms: Write algorithms that can help solve our partners' problems or help our product teams understand what's working or not working for their product using various models.
  • Visualize Data: Show off your analysis by building insightful, beautiful visualizations on our data visualization tool.
  • Scale Our Work: Help other members of the Research and Analysis Team analyze data better by creating libraries, designing frameworks, building the right documentations, enforcing good practices, and more.
  • Interact with the Community: Write blogs, attend conferences and deliver talks about your work for the data community.
  • Prototype: Brainstorm ideas and create prototypes of future tools and products.


  • Entrepreneurial: You believe in figuring out problems, solving them and confronting, not just finding, challenges.
  • First Principles Thinker. You break down a problem into its logical components and figure out which ones to prioritize, even if the client tells you otherwise.
  • Systems Thinker: You are interested in understanding interaction between a system's components, automating tasks and getting them to work at scale.
  • R or Python Expert: You are experienced at writing code and using Git/Github for version control. You also realize the importance of documenting your code and knowledge sharing, through tools such as Rmarkdown or Jupyter notebooks, with team members. If you've written a library/package, you get brownie points!
  • Experienced: You have already gotten your hands dirty with work as a Data Scientist or Product Analyst at product companies, or you've been a Decision Scientist or Senior Data Analyst at a data consulting organization.

About SocialCops:

SocialCops is a data intelligence company that is empowering leaders in organizations globally including the United Nations & Unilever. Our platform powers over 150 organizations across 28 countries. As a pioneering tech startup, SocialCops was recognized in the list of Technology Pioneers 2018 by World Economic Forum and by the New York Times in the list of 30 global visionaries. We were also part of the Google Launchpad Accelerator 2018. Aasaan jobs named SocialCops as one of the best Indian startups to work for in 2018.

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