Beyond Refuge: Natural Language Understanding Engineer [Remote Position]

Beyond Refuge is seeking a Natural Language Understanding Engineer passionate about social change and getting involved on a leadership level with a startup-like idea within an innovative, agile nonprofit.

At: Beyond RefugeBeyond Refuge
Location: Remote (details below)
Position: Natural Language Understanding Engineer


Help Beyond Refuge ( develop NLU solutions to help dispel misinformation in the big debates about racism, nationalism and gender issues. Our non-profit started out in 2015, supporting refugees worldwide in developing sustainable livelihoods and creating education solutions that inform the general public about the refugee context, such as our recently completed educational project with the UN Refugee Agency: The positive response to this content has inspired us to tackle additional social issues beyond anti-migrant sentiments. We aim provide the general public with factual information on different topics of controversy and equip them with skills to lead healthier debates around these issues.

We are London based but the job itself would be completely remote. The applicant would need to be available to communicate online.

Status of the project: ​Our team of 4 (1 being a coder with refugee status) has worked on this project for 3 months, developing strategy and intent, user experience, UI and backend. We are about to scope out the AI component of the project and are in preparation for funding proposal.

Why we are looking to add an NLU Engineer to our team: ​We now have an exciting opening for an NLU Engineer passionate about social change and getting involved on a leadership level with a startup-like idea within an innovative, agile nonprofit. This role is for you if you have been searching for a way to make a social impact with your technical skills. As we are at the beginning stages of developing the AI component to our project you should be prepared to embark on a new long term project as an intellectual and technical co-lead on this project who contributes to the fundraising effort after joint budget and project scoping. The role is pro bono until funding is unlocked.

Your personal qualities​:

  • You have a creative mind.
  • You are a good listener and team player
  • You are proactive and resilient

Your technical skill set:

First and foremost, you should be experienced in delivering NLU solutions. Specifically, you should be have an experience/overview of the following:

  • Classification of text statements (e.g. fact vs personal opinion)
  • Sentiment analysis of text statements
  • Identifying main tags/keywords of a text statement
  • Ability to automate the generation of search queries (querying predefined websites or a predefined database of resources) based on identified tags
  • Experience in structuring and labeling training sets for text analysis along with training these sets to build highly accurate prediction models (word to vector conversion, crowdsourcing data labeling...)

Experience with the following is highly preferred:

  • IBM Watson APIs for sentiment analysis
  • An NLU framework like Dialogflow / / Snips
  • Re-using off-the-shelf search engines such as Solr

If you are interested in this position then please email your CV and covering letter to Rhodri Davies -